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“From behind and in front, you embrace me” – says a metaphor. That is, whether by means of a concealment (from behind), or revelation (from before) of the Highest Power to man, He governs everything – with the purpose of leading man to the previously marked target, “He dominates everything”, – and everything will return to its source. This is because “there is nothing that is free from Him”; – nothing exists outside of His power. The difference is only in man’s perception “from behind” or “from before”; in other words, how the overall power of the Creator manifests – in the „present” or in the „future”.

It is that which has deigned to combine this world with the spiritual world, to reveal the uppermost government over every power in the “present” – in everything that happens,

Man realizes that everything that is going on – is the outer “clothes” of the Highest Power, which is hiding the everlasting, overwhelming control, which, also in the “present”, rules over all of creation, every decision, thought, action.

But it is not revealed in front of everybody, in the “present,” in the appearance of a horse rider – the Creator, sitting on horse – the creature, even if it seems the opposite, that the horse is leading the rider. In
reality, the horse would not awaken to complete any movement unless he is directed by the whip and curb of the rider. The one who receives the revelation of the government of Highest Power in such an appearance calls this revelation “the concealment of the Creator’s face.”

And until man hands over all of his thoughts, decisions, and actions to the only One Creator, the horse’s movements do not seem to be following the rider’s whip and curb. It appears the opposite. – Such connection between man and the Creator is called the “reverse side”.

But do not think that in this condition you are far away from the Highest Control.

For you see, “With a strong muscled arm, and a pouring madness, I am overruling high above all of you,” let the miserable not be rejected, and let the entire creation flow to its root.

And if, despite the illusion that the horse is leading the rider in it’s miserable will, the truth is that the rider is leading the horse by his will – but it does not reveal it now in the “present”, it will be revealed only in the “future”.

Therefore, at this stage there is a relation, but also the opposite “back to back”, which means, neither by the creature’s will nor by the will of the ruler.

And those who obey the will of the Highest Power, and reveal it’s ruling in the “present”, are related to it “face to face”, which means by the free will of the ruler and the one ruled, – and such a relation is the will of the Highest Power.

The difference is that the one who reveals the true rule in the present, is by his being joyful, not in sorrow, in prosperity, not in need, acting by his own will, not by force.

After all, man’s every endeavor is detected by the Highest Ruler, and everything flows and returns to its root. In this case, the question is raised: Which way is the most desirable? – It is that which is in the will of both, as it was said: ”And he has seen that the light is good”!

(înapoi la pagina ARTICOLE RAV M.LAITMAN – click)

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