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The Law of Interdependency

In the human system, our desires, thoughts and actions inescapably influence each other.

This law connects all individuals at every level, at all times.

Any interaction is an expression of this law.

When an individual is focused on self interest, it forces the others to do the same, creating conflicts within the system.

These conflicts are amplified at the global level.

Interconnection is constant, man’s attitude can change.

Clearly, changing the attitude from self concern to global concern affects the whole system positively and ensures its survival.

This is the law of interdependency.

Character: But at the end of the day, we all have bigger problems, right?

The Law of Motivation

Human beings are naturally motivated to seek lasting pleasure.

However, when their desires meet the pleasure, the desires are gradually extinguished.

The resulting emptiness motivates the individual to once seek again fulfillment, creating an endless cycle of fleeting pleasures.

Exhausted by this cycle, an individual is forced to seek an entirely new and different motivation for fulfillment.

This can only be found outside of the regular selfish fulfillment – it is the motivation to fulfill others.

When this motivation meets our global reality, the opportunities for pleasure are unlimited, extinguishing the emptiness of modern life.

Character: As dull as it gets, I’m pretty sure there’s something in it for me…

The Law of Necessity and Surplus

A human being’s desires can only be fulfilled according to their natural purpose.

An individual has physical desires and social desires.

Physical desires can be fulfilled by the individual. Their purpose is survival.

On the other hand, social desires can only be fulfilled through others. Their purpose is the survival of the society.

When an individual uses their social desires selfishly, it leads to a never-ending pursuit of more. On the global level, this creates social, economic and political imbalance.

One can choose to fulfill their social desires in two ways – for themselves or for the whole.

Obviously, choosing global benefit as the aim balances the global surplus, creating positive results at all levels.

Character: But the sad thing is, we are all addicted to the surplus.

THE LAW of Purpose

The end result of an action is already contained in the initial thought.

All actions and thoughts of an individual contribute to the whole human system.

When a person is unaware of their effect on the system, they automatically act with an egoistic intention.

When these intentions are combined, they are naturally in conflict.

At the global level these crises reveal the initial thoughts behind our actions.

Becoming aware of these egoistic thoughts, the individuals can then consciously determine the purpose of their actions.

It is clear to see that changing the thought behind an action, is the only way to produce positive, and purposeful results.

This is the law of purpose.

Character: Unfortunately, no one ever really looks at their intentions…

THE LAW OF Success

In a social system, an individual’s success is motivated and measured by the society.

The individual is constantly working to fulfill the goals of society.

Being unaware of this dynamic, the individual attributes the accomplishments to oneself.

This egoistic perception isolates individuals from each other, making them unaware of how they affect the whole system.

At the global level, this creates crises in all realms of life, threatening the very survival of the whole.

These crises help form a new perception – wherein the individual considers the success of society equal to his own.

This change in perception provides the correct motivation for all individuals, and the survival and prosperity of the whole.

This is the law of success.

Character: In reality, who has time to change?

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