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The reason for creating man in the state, which he is destined to achieve at the end of his development, is his similarity to the Creator of merging with Him. All of nature’s laws are only aimed at the realization of this purpose. Man’s merging with the Creator occurs through reaching equivalence of form with Him, making man’s properties similar to the Creator’s.

Every person is obliged to achieve the purpose of his creation (i.e., merging with the Creator) in one of his incarnations in this world.

But why should similarity to the Creator lead to merging with Him? We can understand it through the following example: every action stems from the mind of the person who acts. The joiner’s mind and craftsmanship is present in the table he makes, because he uses his mind in his work. Therefore, by looking at the table one attains the craftsman’s mind, for during his work his action was one with the mind.

When the person contemplates the Creator’s action, he comprehends His mind. The one who attains the actions, with which the Creator created the world and its order, merges with the Creator’s mind. This means he merges with the Creator. Hence, it is said that man reveals the Creator’s names – His manifestations in creation, and thus merges with Him.

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