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Attainment of Matter and Its Form

We attain:

  • Matter in the world of Assiya
  • Form of matter in the world of Yetzira
  • Means of sustaining the existence of matter and form in the worlds of Assiya and Yetzira – in the worlds of Beria and Atzilut.

Each of the worlds of ABYA is both giving and receiving with regards to the souls.

The Kabbalists only research matter and form of matter in the worlds of Assiya and Yetzira, because the world of Beria is hardly perceived by the rational mind.

The world of Assiya is a basis containing the material of a multitude of individual desires, each having its own form. This is easily grasped by the mind and develops it. The mind can research any individual desire and distinguish it from all the others. The purpose of its work is to attain the advantages of the light over darkness in every detail of the existing reality.

Four Forms: Point, Line, Plane and Cube

There exist four forms:

  • Point
  • Line
  • Plane and
  • Cube – 3-D figure, the result of multiplication of the previous forms.

These four forms include all the forms of this and the Upper worlds. The details in all the worlds are the same.

This world is a material, imprinted by the descended Upper Worlds. While working in this world we attain everything in material form and there is no way we can grasp anything beyond it.

The Creator is therefore is attained in the name HaVaYaH that includes all kinds of forms existing in the world, where

  • The letter Yud is a point
  • The letter Hey is a plane
  • The letter Vav is line
  • The Hey is a 3D figure

The last letter Hey is a revelation of the first one, but in a more material form that takes place, whereas the three preceding forms take no place at all.

The tip of the letter Yud can be attained; hence this name is a source of all the existing names. Every name is the Creator’s manifestation in the creation, meaning reception and bestowal. The Creator’s essence is absolutely unattainable; we apprehend His influence, therefore the entire creation constitutes the Creator’s names. The person researches and combines the received name with the root in his intent for bestowal, i.e. a name is something he receives as a result of his research and attainment of the Giver.

The person is called according to the Creator’s manifestation in his attainment, according to His name. Those who are in the dark and cannot see the Creator’s emanations do not have a name. The researcher discovers that a name is a result of the goodness that emanates from the Creator. By this he raises the Creator’s spark that descended upon him above his egoistical desires.

Thus, in accordance with completeness of the analysis and the measure of attainment, the person grasps the greatness of the “Name” and merges with it in his thoughts. This occurs through raising of MAN and descent of MAD, through continuous rises and falls. The person’s comprehension grows so tremendously that he ultimately becomes the Creator’s partner in His initial act. In similarity to the Creator the person creates the worlds and fills them as the giver and the receiver.

Act of Correction

Although the analysis takes place in the person’s thoughts, he is obliged to reveal the Creator up to the level of the world of Assiya – to arouse the bond with Him through practical corrective actions.


There exist three covenants:

  • Of eyes
  • Of tongue and
  • Of foreskin

The upper part (GE, eyes and mouth) of every lower Partzuf is dressed in the lower part (AHP) of the upper Partzuf. This means that the spiritual is only attained by our “eyes” and “mouth” and our union with the Upper World occurs in these two covenants.

This is why all the forms descend to us from the upper Partzuf to the lower one, from Rav to his disciple, both in writing and orally. By writing and reading with the help of our eyes we share and receive the knowledge about this world and express it by our mouth.

All the worlds were created for the wisdom of Kabbalah, to implement these three covenants:

  • In writing – with the help of our eyes,
  • Orally – with the help of our mouth (tongue) and
  • Secretly – by foreskin.
Letters and Dots

Bestowal manifests through letters and dots. An eye does not perceive more than the letters and dots that the person’s heart can comprehend. A mouth only perceives letters. This kind of perception is referred to as “heart”, because knowledge is received through 32 channels of bestowal. The Gematria (numerical value) of 32 designates the Hebrew word “Lev” (heart), 22 letters and 10 dots that constitute the basic forms of the world filled with wisdom and life.

The name of HaVaYaH includes in itself all the forms of writing and speech, because the structure of letters consists of lines and dots, where every dot is a contraction and every line is an expansion.

Essence and Desires

The essence and desires indicate two kinds of the light:

  • That which refers to the source of its influence and
  • That which refers to its recipient.

This is a basis of the male and female essences, of the line and the Reshimo, the soul and the body, the Creator and Malchut, mercy and judgment. The entire work must be completed in their union.

The essence is revealed in desire in accordance with its awakening and readiness.

The nature of essence is discernible only in the desire in which it is dressed. Desires enable the use of consciousness. Nothing is perceived by consciousness outside of desire in which the essence is dressed.

We cannot possibly attain the Creator, because all of our attainments refer to the corrected desires, in which the Creator’s essence is dressed. As in all our measurements, we measure not the essence itself, but its manifestation in the measuring device, its interaction with it. Hence, the vision of the Creator’s Providence means the true revelation of Him.

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