Inapoi la pagina 1989 (ŞLAVEY HASULAM (TREPTELE SCĂRII) – link

The Daily Schedule

Article No. 41, Tav-Shin-Mem-Tet, 1988-89

  1. Midnight Correction: to mourn over the exile of the Shechina [Divinity].
  2. Establish the faith in quantity and quality.
  3. Concerning the bad: Depict the suffering and pain that the bad causes in the worlds above and below, in this world, that it inflicts death upon the created beings, and causes suffering to all of creation. For this reason, the bad of the individual causes the general, since the general and the individual are equal and there is no difference between them.
  4. Also, to hate the evil because “You who love the Lord, hate evil, who preserves the souls of His followers; He delivers them from the hand of the wicked,” and his aim will be to separate the bad completely.
  5. Depict the state of the souls that are robbed, and ask for mercy for them.
  6. Depict the exaltedness of the Creator.
  7. Depict the love in manners of revealing love.
  8. The order of the learning should be Lishma [for Her sake]. This means that he wants the learning to bring him the light of Torah so the light will reform him, as our sages said, “The light in it reforms him.” Without help from above, a person cannot work in true faith and bestowal, without fooling himself saying that he has faith in the Creator, and he is ready to work in order to bestow without the Creator’s help, for only “the light in it reforms him.”

For this reason, it is good to dedicate a fixed time for learning only matters that speak of faith and bestowal, since when he learns these matters, he clings to such thoughts and then it is easier to accept to cling to the light of Torah.

However, we obtain this only to the extent that we work on hating evil. Hating evil is called “doers of His word,” and the light of Torah is called “to hear the voice of His word.” Both together are wholeness, for everything must [consist of] two things: right and left, meaning the hatred of evil and the love of the good, which is like light and Kli [vessel].

Inapoi la pagina 1989 (ŞLAVEY HASULAM (TREPTELE SCĂRII) – link

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