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The Duty to Tell the Story of the Exodus from Egypt

“Even if we are all wise … we are commanded to tell the story of the exodus from Egypt.”

We should say that although we have already acquired the Torah and understanding, we must still invoke the root of the emergence of the people of Israel from the exile of Pharaoh. This is so because the most important is the emergence from the Klipa [shell/peel] and the entry into Kedusha[holiness].

The rest of the degrees are considered cause and consequence. Hence, we must glorify and praise the Creator for this, and by this extend joy in all the worlds. This means that by feeling the preciousness and importance of freedom from the Klipot, to that extent the joy increases. To the extent that we have joy, to that extent we can glorify and praise.

This is why each year we must awaken the root, as is explained in The Zohar, portion Bo, the explanation why we do not eat Matza [unleavened bread] throughout the year. It explains that it is like a king who made one of his servants a minister. On that day, he wore princely attire, but later he took off his princely attire. That is, only on that day when he was anointed as a minister, he wore princely attire, so as to show his joy.

Likewise, each year on the same day, he celebrates and wears his princely attire. For this reason, we eat Matza specifically on Passover, and the same can be said about telling the story of the exodus from Egypt.

Inapoi la pagina DARGOT PASSOVER – link

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