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Questions for the Exodus from Egypt

1) The wicked one’s questions. We should understand the answer to the wicked one’s complaint. He says, “What is this work for you?” and if he were there, he would not be redeemed. What is the reason that he could not emerge from the exile?

2) To understand why if the Creator wants to bring the people of Israel out of the hands of Pharaoh, He needs Pharaoh’s consent. After all, He is almighty and can bring them out even without Pharaoh’s consent.

3) Why did the Creator harden Pharaoh’s heart, for it seems as though He denied him the choice?

4) It is known that it is written in the holy books that Israel in Egypt were in forty-nine gates of Tuma’a [impurity] until the Creator was revealed to them and redeemed them. We should understand, since after the announcement of the redemption, they must have had preparation, so why did they go into forty-nine gates of Tuma’a?

5) We should also understand the meaning of Matza [unleavened bread] and Maror [bitter herb], and the connection between them. It is written, “Because of it, I did not speak unless when Matza and Maror are placed before you,” for then is the time to speak of the exodus from Egypt, and not at some other time.

Inapoi la pagina DARGOT PASSOVER – link

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