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The Passover Offering

“They shall eat it with Matzot [unleavened bread] and bitter herbs [Maror].” An “offering” means nearing the Creator. Passover means that he brought them closer and passed over the bad things in them, looking only at the good deeds in them. This came after they had tasted the bitter taste of the governance of the Egyptians and wanted to emerge from their control, but did not succeed, and had grievances against the Creator, which is called Matza [unleavened bread] and Meriva [quarrel], as it is written, “When they strove with the Lord,” why He created them in such lowliness.

This caused them the Passover offering, when the Creator brought them close. This is called “They shall eat it with Matzot and bitter herbs, that the Matzot and the Maror were the reasons they could make the Passover offering, meaning that the Creator passed over all the faults within them and they became close to Creator.

Inapoi la pagina DARGOT PASSOVER – link

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