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Concerning Passover

The King’s daughter on Passover is the intellectual soul, a watch-night, a kept Matza [Passover bread]. The spirit that is kept opposite her is a good day, the day of Shabbat [Sabbath]. They are “Remember and keep,” since he is Atzilut from Malchut. In the Sulam [Ladder commentary on The Zohar], a kept Matza and a watch-night extend from Malchut (Tzav, 64-65).

The reason we do not eat Matzot [pl. of Matza] all year long: He explains with an allegory about a king who wears his formal attire only when he is anointed. Also, each year at that same time, he wears his formal attire, but only then.

Matzot are regarded as “harsh judgment,” which are Mochin de AchoraimGAR de Yenika. This is the circumcision, meaning that although it is impossible to use the Mochin [lights], it still helps to thereby bring out the AHP of the Kelim from the Klipa [shell/peel]. This is why it implies the circumcision.

Matzot are Mochin de Achoraim that illuminate at the time of Gadlut [greatness/adulthood]. That is, during the Gadlut, when they have Mochin of Abba and Ima, the Mochin de Achoraim are not cancelled. On the contrary, the whole quality of Hochma at the time of Gadlut comes from this discernment.

On the night of Passover there was only cutting and not removing [stages in the circumcision], and Gadlut means removing, so how can there be Gadlut on the night of Passover? He answers that removing is awakening from below, and the Gadlut of the night of Passover came by an awakening from above (The ZoharBo, 49). Observing the Mitzvot [commandments] is the keeping of the circumcision.

“Bread of poverty”—since it is Achoraim and lacks Hassadim (there).

Inapoi la pagina DARGOT PASSOVER – link

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