And God Created the Sea Monsters

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408) “And God created the great sea monsters,” which are the leviathan [whale] and his mate. The leviathan is Yesod de Gadlut de ZA. “And every living soul [Nefesh] that creeps” is the Nefesh of that animal that creeps to the four directions of the world. Romeset [creeps] is like Romeset [tramples], who tramples and destroys toward all the directions in the world. The animal that creeps is Lilit.

409) “With which the waters swarmed after their kind,” since the waters raise them. This applies to the leviathan and his mate, who are raised by the waters because when the Southern wind comes, the waters open up from their freezing through the Northern wind and extend to every direction. The ships of the sea go and pass along, as it is written, “There go the ships, a leviathan, whom You have created to sport in it.” Thus, the leviathan is raised by the waters.

410) “And every winged fowl after its kind.” Those angels, of whom it is written, “For the fowl of the heaven will carry the voice,” are angels that extend from ZA, who is called “voice.” They all have six wings and they never change themselves. They have six wings because they extend from ZA, corresponding his HGT NHY. Also, they do not change since they do not clothe in a body because there is no root for a Guf [body] in ZA. This is why it is written, “After its kind,” the kind of above, the kind from Chazeh de ZA and above where there is no root to the Guf at all. Hence, they do not change themselves to clothe in a body.

They fly and roam in the world in six flights, corresponding to the HGT NHY in them. They see the works of people and raise them up to the courthouse of above. This is why it is written, “Even in your thought, do not curse a king,” meaning the king of the world, since the fowl of the heaven, being the angels, will lead the voice up.

411) It is written, “Creeps.” Should it not have written “Swarms,” as it is written, “With which the water swarms”? However, as we say “The night has crept,” meaning that the night has darkened, and as it is written, “In it all the beasts of the forest creep.” “In it” means at night, in Malchut. All the forces of the darkness, which are the beasts of the forest, rule at night. Hence, “Every living soul [Nefesh] that creeps” means Malchut. They all rule during the night, when the Nukva rules, since Malchut includes all that is below her, even the Klipot.

The angels start to sing in three watches by which the night divides. They chant songs and do not stop. It is written about those angels, “You who mention the Lord, do not be silent.”

(înapoi la pagina ZOHAR CUPRINS / Beresheet Alef – click)

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