And the Lord God Built the Rib

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279) “And the Lord God built the rib” is an indication of the matter of levirate marriage, of which we learn that since he did not build, he shall not build. It is written, “Who does not build his brother’s house.” They learned from this verse that since he did not build, he shall not build. But with the Creator, although He did not build Divinity during the exile, He can still redeem her because it is written about Him, “And the Lord God built,” meaning AVI built Divinity for Him. And since He Himself did not build her, it cannot be said about Him, “Since He did not build, He shall not build.”

It is written, “The Lord, builder of Jerusalem.” Divinity, who is called Jerusalem, is built from the four letters HaVaYaH [the Lord]. It is so because the Vav de HaVaYaHZA, is the son of YodHey de HaVaYaH, who are AVI. It is written about them, “And the Lord God built the rib,” which He took from the man, the middle line, ZA. “And brought her to the man,” meaning He brought him to the rib that He took from the bottom Hey de HaVaYaH, His maiden, Malchut de ZA himself, and not Malchut de Malchut. Thus, Jerusalem is built through the four letters HaVaYaH, for the primary builders are YodHeyAVI, and the rib that is built is the bottom HeyMalchut of the Vav de HaVaYaH, who is ZA, for the Vav.

280) It was said about Malchut de Malchut, who is not in the building of Jerusalem, “And will be for her a wall of fire round about.” She becomes a wall of fire around Jerusalem to keep from the mixed multitude. At the end of correction, the Creator will bring her down built up, as it is written, “The built up Jerusalem.” For this reason, on this mountain, in Malchut de Malchut, where the Temple will be built by the Creator, it will exist for generations and for all eternity. It was said about it, “The glory of this last house will be greater than the first,” since the first house was built by a man, Solomon, and the last house was built by the Creator. This is why it is written, “If the Lord does not build a house, those who built it labor in vain,” since the first and second Temples, which were not built by the Creator, were unsustainable, and their builders labored in vain.

The inner meaning of the words: It is known that the Emanator started creation and established creation in a way that the children of Israel could finish it, as we learn, “You are in partnership with Me, I started creation and you finish it.” The Emanator corrected Malchut only in the first nine in her. But He handed over to Israel the correction of Malchut de Malchut, to correct her through work and keeping of the first nine. Therefore, the whole of Israel’s work before the end of correction is only in Malchut’s first nine, which is considered the sorting of the 288 sparks that were corrected by the Emanator.

The two Temples above, the first Hey and the bottom Hey—and also below—were built in this manner. This is why they are considered to have been built by people, through the work of people, who were assigned with completing creation. And since the last 32 sparks belong to Malchut de Malchut, they have not been corrected yet. Thus, from them come the Sitra Achra and the mixed multitude, which make Israel sin. This is why the two Temples were ruined.

However, once the children of Israel sort out all 288 sparks that exist due to the breaking of the vessels, the Creator Himself will sort the last 32 sparks from Malchut de Malchut, which are called “the stony heart,” as it is written, “And I will remove the stony heart from your flesh.” At that time Malchut de Malchut, the last Temple, will be established. It is written, “If the Lord does not build a house,” meaning prior to the end of correction, when the work was given to people, and by which the two Temples were built, “Those who built it labor in vain” because they were ruined. But after the people complete the correction to which they are assigned, the Creator will bring down the built up Jerusalem, Malchut de Malchut, and the built up Temple—the interior of Malchut de Malchut. At that time it will be an eternal structure, for all eternity.

281) It is written of the future correction through Moses and the two Messiahs, “And the Lord God built the rib.” It is as it is written, “And to the second side [Tzela means both ‘rib’ and ‘side’] of the tabernacle,” since two sides are the primary ones in the tabernacle, in Malchut, extending from the two points in her: one side from Midat ha Rachamim, and the other side from Midat ha Din. “And the Lord God built the rib” that is said in the correction of Moses, is the second side of the tabernacle, extending from the point of Midat ha Din, her own BehinaMalchut de Malchut. But the rib [side] that is said in the correction of the middle pillar, is the side that extends from the point of Midat ha Rachamim, which includes her first nine.

A side on the part of extending Hesed is white, and it is called “moon” [Levana means both “moon” and “white”] after the light of Hesed in her. “And closed up the flesh in her stead” is red flesh, the light of Gevura, since the upper Gevura de Bina is considered red. Nukva consists of both red and white, HG. At that time it is said of Malchut, “His left is under my head,” meaning red flesh, Gevura, “And his right shall embrace me,” the white light of Hesed, who is called a “rib” [side].

282) “And the man said, ‘This is now a bone of my bones, and flesh of my flesh.’” This was said about Divinity, who was a maiden engaged to the middle line, ZA. It was said about her, “This time, I know she is a bone of my bones and a flesh of my flesh,” since before Divinity is fit for a Zivug with ZA, she is called “an engaged maiden.” Once she is fit for his Zivug, she is called “a woman.” Hence, once she was built by AVI and became fit for a Zivug, he said, “This time.” “This shall be called ‘a woman,’” as she is built by the upper one, Ima, the first Hey de HaVaYaH, “Because she was taken out of Man,” from AbaYod de HaVaYaH.

This means according to the correction of the Nukva through the middle pillar prior to the end of correction, which is through the building of AVI. Also, the words are made clear in relation to the correction of Moses, who is in the form of the middle pillar of the souls below in BYA.

283) At that time each of Israel will be rewarded with his mate, as it is written, “And I will give you a new heart and a new spirit.” In truth, Israel extend from Malchut. But because the world could not persist, He associated Midat ha Rachamim with her, Bina. It therefore follows that all the females of the souls of Israel extend from BinaMidat ha Rachamim, since Malchut de Midat ha Din was concealed. Thus, Israel do not have their real mate. But at the end of correction, when Malchut herself is corrected and no longer needs the association of Bina, the females of the souls of Israel will be from Malchut herself, who is their real mate.

It is written, “And your sons and your daughters shall prophesy.” These are new souls that are destined to be in Israel, as we learn that the Messiah Son of David does not come until the conclusion of all the souls that are in the body, meaning the old souls, and then the new souls will come. It is so because all the souls in the world were included in the soul of Adam HaRishon, as we learn, “Where was your ephah (measure of grain ca.40kgs) in Adam HaRishon?” And when he sinned with the tree of knowledge, the souls were blemished. They incarnate through all the generations until they receive their own correction and then will be the end of correction. At that time Israel will draw new souls that have not been included in the Guf of Adam HaRishon, and it is written about those souls, “And your sons and your daughters shall prophesy.”

284) At that time the mixed multitude will be removed from the world, and then it will be said of Israel and of Moses, “Each with his mate, and they were both naked, the man and his wife, and they were not ashamed.” That is, they will not need clothes to cover the nakedness because the nakedness, who are the mixed multitude that caused the exile in the world, will be removed.

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