And the Lord God Formed the Man

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207) “And the Lord God formed the man.” It is written “formed” with two letters Yod [in Hebrew], indicating that the man was completed in right and left, since he was included in the good inclination since his creation, and not in the evil inclination. But in the verse, “formed,” the evil inclination is included too. This is the meaning of the two letters Yod in the word, “formed”—one implying the good inclination, and one to the evil inclination.

Also, why was he given two inclinations here? The good inclination was given to him for himself, and the evil inclination to arouse him toward the Nukva. It is so because the north, left, always arouses toward the Nukva and connects with her. This is why she is called Ishah [woman], of the letters Esh [fire] Hey [the letter Hey], since the left, fire, is connected to the letter Hey, the female, because the Nukva is built and emerges from the left side.

208) The good inclination and the evil inclination were given to man because the Nukva was placed between them and connected to them. She was not connected between them before the evil inclination awakened in her, and they were tied to one another. Once they became tied to one another, the good inclination, joy, awakens and brings the Nukva to him.

The good inclination is the right line; the evil inclination is the left line. The Nukva needs to connect in the middle line, which determines between them. But first, the left line awakens to her and she connects with it because she is left. Afterward she receives Hassadim from ZA, right, and when she already comprises right and left, she connects in the middle, between right and left.

(înapoi la pagina ZOHAR CUPRINS / Beresheet Bet – click)

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