And They Heard the Voice of the Lord God Walking in the Garden

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288) Once they have sinned and clung to the tree where death is present below, it is written, “And they heard the voice of the Lord God walking in the garden.” “Walking” is not written in masculine form, but rather in feminine form, since the added Tav [in Hebrew] means female.

Before the man sinned he was ascending in his degrees. He stood at the upper Hochma and was not separated from the tree of life. Once he increased his passion to know and to come down, to extend from above downward, he was thus taken after them until he parted from the tree of life, knew the bad, and left the good.

If he is not rewarded, it is bad. This is why it is written, “For You are not a God who desires wickedness; evil shall not dwell with You,” since one who takes after the evil has no dwelling together with the tree of life.

289) Until they sinned they were hearing the voice of above and knew sublime wisdom. They were in Mochin of the upper splendor and had no fear. Once they sinned, they could not withstand even the voice of below.

The voice of ZA is the voice of above, and that of the Nukva is the voice of below. The verse, “The voice of the Lord God walking in the garden,” is the voice of the Nukva, since the Tav of “walking” [in Hebrew] indicates feminine form. And still, he could not withstand it, as it is written, “And the man and his wife hid themselves from the Lord God.”

290) Similarly, as long as Israel did not sin, since the time when Israel stood by Mount Sinai, the filth of that serpent was lifted from them, for then there was annulment of the evil inclination from the world, as they repelled it from themselves. At that time they clung to the tree of life, they rose up and did not come down. That is, they raised the light of the left from below upward and did not extend them from above downward. This is regarded as the tree of life.

291) At that time they knew and saw the upper mirrors and their eyes illuminated, and they were happy to know and to hear. Mirrors mean glass lamps. It concerns the attainment of ZA and Nukva, since ZA is called an “illuminating mirror,” and the Nukva is called a “mirror that does not illuminate.” At that time the Creator girdled them with girdles from the letters of His holy name so that that serpent would not be able to govern them and would not defile them as before. These are the ornaments that they received on Mount Horev.

292) Once they sinned with the calf, all those upper degrees and lights were removed from them and those armed girdles that were crowned by the upper name were removed from them, and they drew on themselves the wicked serpent as before, causing death to the whole world.

293) Subsequently, it is written, “And Aaron and all the children of Israel saw Moses, and behold, the skin of his face was beaming, and they were afraid to approach him.” First it is written, “And Israel saw the great hand,” and everyone saw the upper lights and were illuminated by the illuminating mirror, ZA, as it is written, “And the whole people saw the voices.” And also, they saw by the sea and were not afraid, as it is written, “This is my God and I will glorify Him.” After they sinned they could not even see the face of the middleman, Moses, as it is written, “And they were afraid to approach him.”

(înapoi la pagina ZOHAR CUPRINS / Beresheet Bet – click)

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