At Night My Soul Longs for You

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146) How is it that people do not look to understand the words of Torah and to know why they exist in the world? He said, “When a man goes to sleep on his bed, his soul departs from him and goes up, as it is written, ‘At night my soul longs for You.’” It cannot be said that the rest of the degrees, too, Ruach and Neshama, rise along with her, since not everyone sees the face of the King. Rather, the Nefesh rises to the King, and at that time only one Reshimo remains with the Guf [body], which is the heart’s measure of life.

147) The Nefesh goes from the Guf and seeks to rise. There are several degrees to rise. She roams and encounters the Klipot of the lights of impurity. If she is pure and is not defiled with the Guf during the day, she rises. If she is not pure, she is defiled among those Klipot and clings to them and she will not rise again.

148) There, among the Klipot, she is told of those things that are destined to come in the near future, and the Nefesh clings to them. Sometimes she is mocked and is informed false things, and thus she roams all through the night until a man awakens from his sleep and the soul returns to her place to the Guf. Happy are the righteous, to whom the Creator reveals His secrets in a dream so they will keep themselves from the Din. Woe unto the wicked who defile themselves and their souls.

149) When those who were not defiled during the day rise to their beds to sleep, first, the Nefesh [soul] rises and enters among all those degrees of Klipot. She rises from them and does not cling to them. Afterwards, she walks and roams and rises according to her degree.

150) That Nefesh that was rewarded with rising appears before the King and adheres with a desire to be seen, a sublime craving to see the pleasantness of the King and to visit His palace. This is a man who always has a share in the next world.

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