Bat-Sheba and Uriah

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312) “For I know my transgressions; and my sin is always before me.” Indeed, how people should beware of the Creator with their iniquities. For once a man has sinned, his iniquity is written above and is erased only by the power of great repentance.

313) Since the man sinned before the Creator, once makes an impression. And when he sins a second time, the impression strengthens even more. If he sins before Him a third time, that stain spreads from end to end.

314) Because King David sinned before the Creator concerning Bat-Sheba, he thought that that sin was written about him forever. It is written, “The Lord has also removed your sin; you shall not die,” indicating that He had removed that impression from before Him.

315) Bat-Sheba was King David’s since the day the world was created. Therefore, why did the Creator give her to Uriah the Hittite first?

316) Such are the ways of the Creator. Although the woman is ready for a man to be his, another comes first and marries her before the time of that one arrives. When the time of that one arrives, the one who married her instead of the other—who came later—is removed and he departs from the world. It is difficult for the Creator to remove him from the world before the other prematurely.

317) Why was Bat-Sheba given first to Uriah the Hittite? Why was the holy land given to Canaan before Israel came? It is all one thing. Bat-Sheba and the land of Israel are both the Nukva. The beginning of the building of the Nukva is in Mochin of illumination of the left, and afterward she is built in Mochin de Panim from all three lines.

Uriah is the Mochin de Hochma without Hassadim, illumination of the left. King David is Mochin de Panim from the three lines. Therefore, although Bat-Sheba was David’s mate, to be able to receive the Mochin de Panim from David, she has to first marry Uriah, to receive from him the Mochin de Achoraim from the illumination of the left, since she cannot receive Mochin de Panim before she receives Mochin de Achoraim—the Mochin of the illumination of the left.

And for the same reason, Canaan ruled in the land of Israel because it was given to Israel. It is so because when the Nukva receives from the Mochin of the left line, the Klipa of Canaan governs her, the dross of gold. However, she cannot receive Mochin de Panim, which are Israel, before she receives the Mochin of the left line. This is why Canaan necessarily ruled her before Israel came.

Thus, the giving of Bat-Sheba to Uriah before she was given to David, and Canaan’s rule in the holy land before it was given to Israel are the same thing, since the illumination of the left line is mandatory for the Nukva before she receives from the three lines.

318) Although David confessed his sins and repented, his heart and will did not move from those sins he had sinned, and from that sin of Bat-Sheba, since he always feared because of them that he might cause one of them and it would come to slander him at a time of danger. For this reason, he did not move them from himself and from his will. This is why he said, “For I know my transgressions; and my sin is always before me.”

319) “My transgressions” are all the degrees on which the iniquities of people depend. “I know” means that he has already corrected them. “And my sin is always before me” is the diminution of the moon, which he did not correct because she did not emerge from her flaw until the arrival of Solomon, and then she illuminated in wholeness and without a flaw.

At that time the world was perfumed and Israel dwelled in safety, as it is written, “And Judah and Israel dwelt safely.” For this reason, “My sin is always before me,” meaning that even in the days of Solomon, the diminution of the moon was not fully corrected since the Temple was ruined once again, and the moon, the Nukva, resumed her diminution. The flaw will not cease in the world until the Messiah King arrives, as it is written, “And I will remove the spirit of impurity from the land.”

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