Explaining the Names Matzpatz, Matzpatz

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First, we need to know the meaning of Partzuf Se’arot de AA. Although GAR de AB cannot remain in AA and in all the Partzufim of Atzilut, they must still emerge in it at the beginning of the Zivug. It is impossible for VAK de AB to appear without the GAR de AB appearing first. However, they promptly depart from the Partzuf because they do not have Kelim in the Partzufim of Atzilut in which they can clothe. This is so because those GAR extend only over Malchut de Tzimtzum Aleph, and that Malchut is not revealed at all below Atik Dechura [male Atik]. And since there is no light without a Kli, they must promptly depart from the Partzuf.

It is known that departure occurs only in the Ohr Yashar of the level, but the Ohr Hozer in it, which clothes the ten Sefirot de Ohr Yashar, cannot depart upwards due to the Aviut and Din that exist in the Ohr Hozer. Hence, here, too, only Ohr Yashar of the level of GAR de AB departed, but the Ohr Hozer in it remained in Rosh de AA even after the departure of GAR de AB.

Yet, since the Ohr Hozer is completely dark because its Ohr Yashar departed, it is regarded as waste in the Kelim de Rosh de AA, hence it promptly repels it outside the Rosh, leaving a small grip in it, in the skin of the head [Rosh], regarded as Se’arot de Rosh. This is the substance of the Se’arot de AA from its origin.

And since the Se’arot clung to the skin of the Rosh of AA, they promptly received the correction from them of the division of the degree in it, as well, where Malchut de Partzuf Se’arot rose to the place of Bina in it, and Bina and TM in it left Rosh de AA completely and came to be discerned as Guf because they expanded through the Chazeh in the Guf. They are called Se’arot Dikna de AA in a way that two Sefirot KH de Partzuf Se’arot remained in Rosh de AA, and they are called Se’arot Rosh de AA, and the three Sefirot Bina and TM that came out of Rosh de AA became the 13 corrections of Dikna de AA, which are the 13 qualities of Rachamim.

Know that all the Mochin of illumination of Hochma of the Partzufim of Atzilut depend on the Se’arot Dikna, for when they are fallen in Guf de AA, there are only VAK without a Rosh in all the Partzufim of Atzilut. At the time of GadlutAA lowers the Malchut from his Se’arot Rosh back to her place at the Sium of Se’arot Dikna, and then the Se’arot Dikna return to Rosh de AA on the same degree with Se’arot Rosh, and are established there in right and left. The Sium of Se’arot Rosh is discerned in the right side-lock of AA, and it is the right Matzpatz. The Sium of Se’arot Dikna is discerned in the left side-lock of AA, and it is the left Matzpatz.

Through the ascent of Se’arot DiknaMochin de VAK appear—meaning illumination of Hochma without Hassadim—in all the Partzufim of Atzilut, which are still not Mochin of Midat ha Rachamim, since the Hochma does not illuminate without the clothing of Hassadim. This is why they are called MatzpatzMatzpatz, which are the replacement of the name HaVaYaH in the combination AlephTav BetShin, indicating that the Mochin are growing smaller, like the number TavShinReishKof [in Gematria: 400-300-200-100]. But the number of AlephBet [in Gematria 1-2] that is straight, rises up.

Afterwards, through new MAN, the lights of Hassadim are extended, and the two names Matzpatz become the two names HaVaYaH, which are Rachamim, being the two names HaVaYaH that precede the 13 qualities of Rachamim in the Torah. At that time the Mochin de Gadlut are bestowed upon all the Partzufim of Atzilut from Se’arot Dikna de AA in the 13 qualities of Rachamim, which include all the Mochin de Gadlut applied in the 6,000 years through the end of correction.

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