Five Kinds of Mixed Multitude

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224) There are five kinds of mixed multitude: Nephilim, Mighty, Anakim, Rephaim, and Amalekim. Because of them, the small Hey fell from her place, from Bina. It is written, “The Lord has made one opposite the other.” Thus, as there are five Behinot KHB TM in Kedusha, there are also their opposites in the Klipot. These are the five kinds of mixed multitude, whose acronym is Nega Ra [meaning “evil affliction”] or Oneg Ra [same letters in a different order, which means “evil pleasure”], since through the evil the pleasure is inverted into affliction, and the affliction is inverted into pleasure. Those five kinds of mixed multitude are mingled in Israel and make them sin, which is why the small Hey falls from her place, from her mitigation in Bina.

Balaam and Balak were from Amalek, for if you take the letter AyinMem from the name Balaam, and the letters LamedKof from the name Balak, you will be left with the letters BetBetLamed [Babel], BetLamed from Balaam and Bet from Balak. It follows that the two Klipot, Amalek and Babel, are implied in the names Balaam and Balak. He is telling us that Amalek is the Rosh of the Klipot and Keter, like the Klipa Babel, of which it is written in Daniel, “Its head was of fine gold,” for were not both of them equal, they would not be able to attach in one bonding in Balaam and Balak.

225) Those who remained in the flood of those of whom it is written, “And He blotted out every living thing,” and those who remained from the Klipa of Amalek in the fourth exile, the exile of Edom, are the heads in the world with great force. It is so because this Klipa is the Rosh and the Keter of the Klipot, and they become tools of destruction for Israel. It is written about them in regard to the flood, “For the earth is filled with violence.” These are the Amalekim, the first of the five kinds of mixed multitude, and they are Keter de Klipot.

226) It is written about the Nephilim of the mixed multitude, “And the sons of the God saw the daughters of the man, that they were good.” These are the second kind of mixed multitude, Hochma de Klipot, and they are from the Nephilim of above, who extend from Aza and Azael, who are angels of above whom the Creator dropped from heaven, which is why they are called Nephilim [fallen], and those Nephilim of the mixed multitude extend from them.

When the Creator wished to make the man, He said to the angels, “Let us make man in our image.” He wished to make him head of all the angels of above, appointed over all the angels, who would be subordinate to his command, as it is written about Joseph, “And let him appoint overseers over the land.”

227) For this reason, the angels wanted to slander him and said to the Creator, “What is man that You should remember him? After all, he is destined to sin before You, and why do You degrade us into being under him?” The Creator replied to them, “If you were below in the earth like man, you would sin more than him. Promptly, “And the sons of the God saw the daughters of the man that they were good,” and desired them, and the Creator dropped them down in shackles.

228) Those sons of the God are Aza and Azael, from whom the souls of the mixed multitude of the second kind extend. They are Nephilim because they dropped themselves from their Kedusha to fornicate after women that are good. And for this reason, the Creator dropped the mixed multitude from the next world, so they would have no portion there, and gave them their reward in this world, as it is written, “And repays those who hate Him to their faces, to destroy them,” to blot them out of the next world. This is the second kind of mixed multitude, the Nephilim, Hochma de Klipot.

229) The Mighty are the third kind of mixed multitude that mingled with Israel. It is written about them, “They were the mighty men who were of old, men of renown.” They are extended from the side of those of whom it is written, “Let us build us a city … and let us make us a name,” meaning from the generation of Babylon.

That kind of mixed multitude build the synagogues and seminaries, and place among them a book of Torah with a crown on its head. It corresponds to the verse, “A city, and a tower with its top in heaven.” Building synagogues and seminaries corresponds to “A city,” and “Place a book of Torah there” corresponds to “A tower,” and “A crown on its head” corresponds to “With its top in heaven.” Yet, they do not intend for the sake of the Creator, but to do for themselves there, as it is written, “And let us make us a name.”

The sons of the Sitra Achra overcome Israel, who were blessed with being as the dust of the earth. They rob them, and the work is broken and ruined, meaning the synagogues and seminaries that they made. It is written about them, “And the waters prevailed exceedingly upon the earth.” The Klipot and the Sitra Achra, which are called “water,” destroyed the earth by their prevailing. This is the third kind of mixed multitude, which are the Mighty, and they are opposite Bina de Klipa.

230) The Rephaim are the fourth kind of mixed multitude that mingled with Israel. If they see a time of trouble for Israel, they leave them and part from them. And even if they have the power to save them they do not wish to save them, and they let go of the Torah and depart from her and from all those who engage in Torah, to favor idol worshippers. That is, they depart from the Torah and from Israel in favor of idol worshippers.

It is written about them, “The departed spirits [Rephaim] shall not rise.” That is, they will not rise for the revival of the dead. When visitation comes upon Israel and they are saved from their trouble, it is written about them, “And make all remembrance of them perish,” for since they are offspring of the dark, they are necessarily lost when the light comes to Israel. This is the fourth kind of mixed multitude, who are the Rephaim, who are opposite ZA de Klipa.

231) Anakim [chains] are the fifth kind of mixed multitude. They slight those of whom it is written, “And chains about your neck,” referring to the Israel who keep the Torah. It is written that Rephaim are also regarded as Anakim because Rephaim and Anakim are equal. They are the ones who drive the world back to chaos [Tohu ve Bohu]. The thing is that the Temple has been ruined, and it is written about it, “And the earth was unformed and void [Tohu ve Bohu],” since the Temple is the core of the world and the settling of the world. This is why it is considered that the earth was in Tohu ve Bohu.

Those two kinds of mixed multitude that mingled with Israel cause the ruin of the Temple. As soon as the light, who is the Creator, comes to Israel, they will be obliterated from the world and will be lost. But the redemption of Israel does not depend on blotting them out, but only on blotting out Amalek, until he is blotted out, for in him is the oath, as it is written, “The hand upon the throne of the Lord: the Lord will have war with Amalek from generation to generation.”

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