Let There Be Light – 2

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147) “And God said, ‘Let there be light,’ and there was light.” This means that the Creator uprooted these plantings from their place and planted them elsewhere. This is the meaning of the words, “Let there.”

ZON are called “plantings,” the tree of life. As long as they were in their place, prior to the ascent of Malchut to BinaZON were unfit to receive any light. Therefore, He uprooted them from their place, raised them, and planted them in the place of Bina, where they became fit to receive the upper light.

We learn it from the words, “Let there be light,” where the letters YodHey of “Let there” are AVI, and the last Hey of Yehi [let there] implies the entrance of the Yod to the light of AVI, making them Avir [air]. By that, ZON connected to AVI and became fit to receive the light from them, a light that preexisted, for it is written, “Let there be light.” It is not written, “And there was,” but “Be [is] light,” meaning that it already existed.

When the Creator looked at the wicked generations that were unworthy of light, He concealed it for the righteous ones, as it is written, “A light is sown for the righteous.” That is, the light is concealed and sown so only the righteous will receive it, and not the wicked.

It is written, “And God said, ‘Let there be light.’” The words, “Let there” indicate the concealment of the light because YodHey of the word Yehi [let there] is the light of AVI, and the last Yod of Yehi implies the entrance of the Yod to the light, making it Avir. This is considered concealing and sowing of the light for the righteous, as it is written, “Who has awakened from the east, justice will call him to His feet.”

It is so because through the entrance of the Yod to the light of AVI, the letters ELEH of Elokim descended from AVI to ZON, and only the letter MI of Elokim remained in AVI. By that, ZON became fit to receive the light of AVI. It follows that the two letters MI de AVI are the root of all the Mochin de ZON, as it is written, “Who has awakened from the east.”

From the east means ZA, and justice means Malchut. The two letters MI awakened the Mochin for ZA from the east, and to Malchut, justice. Awakened means the beginning of the awakening of Mochin, since only the beginning of the Mochin comes through MI.

148) “And God saw the light that it was good.” The Creator saw the works of the wicked and concealed it. It is not that He saw the works of the wicked, but that He saw by the greatness of the light itself that it was better to conceal it and never let it be revealed.

“And God saw the light” means He saw that it illuminated from the end of the world to its end, and that it was better to conceal it so the wicked of the world would not enjoy it, for if the wicked would enjoy that great light they would not approach repentance. It is similar to the verse, “Lest he reached out his hand, and took also from the tree of life, and ate, and lived forever.” The meaning of the verse is that he will no longer have a need or a drive to repent, and the flaw he had caused in the tree of knowledge would not be corrected. This is why He expelled them from the Garden of Eden.

149) “And God saw that light, that it was good.” He saw that there would not be vexation and Dinim in it. It is written here, “That it was good,” and it is written about Balaam, “It is good in the eyes of the Lord to bless Israel.” As there the meaning is that there will not be a curse over Israel, so here the meaning is that there will no longer be any vexation and Dinim.

The end of the verse proves it, for it is written, “And God separated between the light and between the darkness.” This indicates that He separated the dispute between right and left so that all will be in wholeness. Similarly, the beginning of the text also concerns the canceling of the anger and vexation.

And although the Creator associated the light and the darkness—right and left—as one through the middle line, the vexation and dispute were cancelled nonetheless. This is why it is written, “And God saw the light that it was good,” and there is no anger and vexation in it.

150) The upper illumination, Bina, is to have this light illuminating, and from the light, joy is extended to all. It is right that is crowned in carving of the carvings of the left.

When the left shines without association of the right, it illuminated in vexation and anger, and Hell came out of it. This is considered that carvings were made in the illumination of the left line. By that, the right line obtained the power to connect to it the left line, using the middle line, and the right line was crowned in the illumination of Hochma on the left line.

It is written, “How abundant is Your goodness, which You have concealed for those who fear You.” “Abundant is Your goodness” refers to the first light, which the Creator concealed. “For those who fear You” means for the righteous, who fear sin, so only they will enjoy the light, and not the wicked.

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