Let Us Make Man – 4

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172) The words, “Let us make man in our image, after our likeness,” indicate that man consisted of VAK that consist of everything, Hochma as well as Hassadim, such as above, ZA de Atzilut. This is why it is written, “In our image, after our likeness.” Tzelem [image] indicates HBD de Mochin de ZA, and “image” indicates Mochin de Nukva.

In organs that are established in Hochma, as it should be, everything is in the upper correction, such as the correction of ZON de Atzilut in Kelim de NHY de AVI, in which he receives the Mochin de Hochma from AVI. Also, man is established in Kelim de NHY de ZON de Atzilut, in which he receives the Mochin de Hochma from ZON.

These Kelim de NHY are called “organs properly established in Hochma.” They are Bina and TM of the upper one, which fell at the time of Katnut to the domain of the lower one, and are not absent from the lower one even after they return to the upper one, since there is no absence in the spiritual. Hence, each lower one became fit to receive the Mochin of the upper one because it has the Kelim of the upper one, which are called NHY of the upper one that dress in the lower one.

The words, “Let us make man” are male and female. The name Adam [man] indicates male and female, and it is all in the upper, holy Hochma. Everything was done so as to be worthy of receiving the upper, holy Hochma, since Hochma is extended only through the Nukva. This is why man was created male and female. It is written, “In our image, after our likeness,” Tzelem is Mochin of the male, and image is Mochin of the female, so the male and female can be complemented in one another.

Hassadim are attributed to the male, and illumination of Hochma to the female. The male is completed in illumination of Hochma through the female, and the female is completed in Hassadim through the male. At that time man becomes one in the world and rules over everything, like the upper ZON, since there is no governance in the world that subdues the Klipot, other than Mochin that are complete with Hochma and Hassadim.

(înapoi la pagina ZOHAR CUPRINS / Beresheet Bet – click)

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