O God, Do Not Keep Silent

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231) The awakening of the upper one is only through the awakening of the lower one because the awakening of the upper one depends on the craving of the lower one.

232) “O God, do not keep silent.” This is the awakening from below, from the side of the Nukva, so as to govern. David said, “O God, do not keep silent” from awakening to the upper one, ZA, and to bond with the right, his Hesed.

233) “For behold, Your enemies make an uproar. …For they have conspired together with one mind, against You they make a covenant.” The Nukva is the left, Hochma without Hassadim, and Hochma cannot shine without Hassadim. For this reason, all the Klipot and enemies of Kedusha [holiness] raise their heads. And for this reason, “O God, do not keep silent” from awakening upwards to ZA.

This is so because at that time, the right of ZA awakens and ties her with him. And when she is tied to the right, when the Hochma in her dresses in the Hassadim on the right, the enemies break, since the illumination of Hochma destroys all the enemies of Kedusha, as it is written, “Your right hand, O Lord, glorious in power, Your right hand, O Lord, dashes the enemy in pieces.”

234) When all those kings join together to wage war on Abraham, they conspired to annihilate him from the world. And since they ruled Lot, Abram’s nephew, they immediately went, as it is written, “And they took Lot, Abram’s brother’s son … and his goods, and departed.” This was so because Lot’s form was similar to that of Abraham, and this is why “And [they] departed,” since the whole war was for him and they thought that they had already captured him.

235) They wanted to kill Abraham because Abraham brought the people of the world out of idolatry and into service of the Creator. This is why they wished to kill him. Furthermore, the Creator evoked them in the world to fight Abraham, so as to magnify Abraham’s name in the world and bring him closer to His work.

236) When Abraham awakened to chase them, it was said, “O God, do not keep silent.” This means that the Nukva awakened for ZA and raised MAN to him, to extend Hesed, which is right, until everything was tied to Abraham, Hesed de ZA, meaning the Hochma in her clothed in Hassadim and her illumination was completed. And when everything was tied in Abraham, all the kings broke before him.

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