The Din of Hell

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69) In Hell there are sections over sections—second, third, and up to seven. Happy are the righteous, who keep themselves from the sins of the wicked and do not follow them or become defiled by them. When one who is defiled passes away, he goes to the world of truth. He goes down to Hell and descends to the bottom section.

70) There are two sections next to each other called Sheol [netherworld] and Avadon [limbo/oblivion]. One who goes down to the netherworld is sentenced there and receives his punishment. Subsequently, he is elevated to another, higher section. So he ascends degree by degree until he is brought up from there. But one who descends to Avadon is never raised from there. This is why it is called Avadon [oblivion], for he is entirely lost there.

71) Noah the righteous warned his contemporaries but they would not heed him until the Creator brought upon them the Din of Hell, which is fire and snow, water and fire, one cold and one boiling, and all were sentenced in the Din of Hell and were lost from the world.

72) Subsequently, the world persisted as it should, and Noah entered the ark, bringing into it each and every species of the creatures of the world. Noah was a tree bearing fruit, a righteous Yesod [foundation], and all the species in the world emerged from the ark, as in Yesod and Malchut of above.

73) When a tree bears that fruit, Yesod de ZA, a fruit—Malchut—connects to that tree, and all those kinds of above emerge from it—big and small animals, and several species, each to its kind. Likewise was Noah in the ark, and everyone emerged from the ark. They all received corrections by being in the ark, such as the offspring of above, which receive their corrections from Malchut, and the world existed as it exists above. This is why Noah was called “man of the ground,” the husband of the ground.” And Noah was also called “a righteous man,” Yesod, righteous of above.

74) For 300 years before the flood came, Noah was warning them about their actions, and they would not listen to him until the time when the Creator waited for them had been completed, as it is written, “And his days were one hundred and twenty years,” and they were lost from the world.

It is written, “And it came to pass, when men began to multiply on the face of the earth, and daughters were born unto them.” They would walk naked before the eyes of everyone. And it is written, “And the sons of God saw that the daughters of men were good, and took wives for themselves from whomever they chose.” This was to them a foundation and a rudiment that caused them to keep sinning until it caused them to be exterminated from the world. This is also why they were taken after the evil inclination in its stem and in its roots, and repelled holy faith from among them and were defiled. This is why it is written, “The end of all flesh has come before Me,” to teach hatred against them.

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