Third Palace, Netzah

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16) The Messiah travels from the second palace and enters the third palace, where all those who suffered great illnesses and pains are there to be corrected, that is, more than those in the second palace. This is why they were rewarded with entering the third palace. This is the first Behina in this palace, NHY. The second Behina is all those infant students who did not complete their days and died prematurely, meaning they did not taste the taste of sin. Hence, those pure souls rise for MAN and extend the lights of the second Behina of that palace, HGT.

The third Behina is all those who mourn the ruin of the Temple and shed tears. They extend the lights of GAR to this palace, and therefore sit at the GAR of the palace. All those three Behinot of souls of the righteous are in that palace, and the Messiah comforts them, illuminating his lights to them.

In the palace of Hod, the Messiah brings down the lights for them. Yet, here it is said “Comforts them”; it does not say, “Brings down to them.” It is so because only lights of Hod extend from above downward, but the lights of Netzah illuminate only from below upward, hence it does not say, “Brings down to them,” meaning from above downward, as this is customary only in the palace of Hod.

(înapoi la pagina ZOHAR CUPRINS / Beresheet Bet – click)

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