Ammon and Moab

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329) Through the King’s will, one waste of the form of engraving separates from the right side and adheres to the waste of gold on the left side, and his abode was made inside the impurity and became one form of the tree.

In the right line, covered Hassadim, there is no illumination of Hochma, and in its place, in Bina, it is considered GAR. This is so because she does not receive Hochma because she is in the form of “He desires mercy [Hesed].” However, when the Hassadim spread below to the lower ones, which require illumination of Hochma, waste appears in them. The need for illumination of Hochma creates deficiency in them, and wherever there is deficiency, the Klipot become attached. This is why deficiency is considered waste, and this is the waste of the right. But from the perspective of holiness, this is not a deficiency but a form of carving for a receptacle. Were it not for the deficiency and the hollow, there would never be a receptacle for the lights there. But the Klipot consider it waste.

To complete itself, the waste became adhered. This is because there the Hochma shines without Hassadim and the absence of Hassadim is considered waste of the left line. However, the waste of the right received completion there because it lacks only Hochma. This became a complete form of the tree of degrees, the Nukva, although its abode was in impurity because illumination of the left without right shines to the place of impurity. And also, the waste of gold is impurity.

330) When Isaac, the left line of holiness, wished to awaken in the world in the force of the harsh Din, he grew strong and separated the degrees of the left from their sustenance, meaning he turned the roots of the five cities of Sodom upwards. Thus, he dropped the GAR of the degrees of the left downwards and elevated the form of Din upwards. Then the degrees of the left of the Klipot were ruined and the left of holiness was connected and incorporated with the right. This is why the right line, Abraham, was strengthened, since it was included in the left and received GAR from it. By that, his waste, too, was corrected and he no longer needed to adhere to the waste of gold. It turns out that he separated that form from impurity.

331) The primordial serpent went into the fruits of the tree. This is the wine that he drank and begot two degrees that are connected to one another. And those degrees are on the side of impurity; one is called Milcom and the other is called Peor. That waste of the right that received one form of the tree—Nukva de ZA—through the waste of gold, returned to holiness after the overthrowing of Sodom and is now considered as the fruit of the tree. She drank the intoxicating wine, which is the primordial serpent, when the inciter to extend the GAR de Hochma entered her, as with the tree of knowledge. And through this act, the fruit bore two Klipot—Milcom and Peor—two idolatries.

332) One is a concealed counsel and the other is a revealed counsel. All the deeds of Peor are from the revealed, meaning his work is revealed. Milcom is concealed and covered; all his work is clandestine. Many kinds of impurities came out of those two. They roam the great sea, the Nukva, and all the discernments of impurity.

This is so because two Klipot were extended by the inciting of the serpent—GAR and VAK of the illumination of the left. In impurity, Peor is GAR and Milcom is VAK. And they were arranged the opposite from the holy Nukva, in accord with the conduct of impurity to be opposite from holiness. This is so because in the holy Nukva, the GAR from the Chazeh upwards is covered from illumination of Hochma. From the Chazeh down it is revealed, meaning that illumination of Hochma appears there. Also, there are two points in it, Miftacha [key] and Man’ula [lock]. The Man’ula is hidden in the GAR in her, and the Miftacha openly governs her in the VAK from the Chazeh down.

And those two Klipot are opposite: the Klipa of Peor is considered GAR from the Chazeh up, which is revealed, and the Klipa of Milcom, considered VAK from the Chazeh down is concealed. Additionally, the Miftacha governs the Klipa of Peor from the Chazeh up, and unmitigated Malchut of the quality of Din governs the Klipa of Milcom from the Chazeh down.

333) And what occurs in the worlds occurs in the souls below, as well. Lot, the waste of the right, parted from Abraham and settled among the people of Sodom, who are waste of gold from the left side. From them he received his completion in the worlds. When the Din awakened upon them and they were overturned, the Creator remembered Abraham and sent Lot away from there, at which time he was separated from Sodom’s impurity and returned to holiness.

334) His daughters gave him wine to drink, which is the primordial serpent that entered him, and gave birth to two nations: Ammon in the covered and Moab in the revealed. His degree is the idol worship, Milcom, which is the counsel of the world. The degree of Moab is Peor, revelation.

335) His daughters were similar. One said, “Ben Ammi” [son of my people], meaning I have a son from my people, but she did not say from whom he was because he was in a state of concealment. The other said, Moab, Me Av [from a father], meaning this one is from a father, I delivered him from my father, since his degree was Peor, revelation.

336) In those two, Ammon and Moab, King David clung, since afterwards Ruth came from Moab and King David came out of her. And from Ammon, King David was crowned with that crown that is a testimony to David’s seed, as it is written, “And put the crown and the testimony on him.” The crown is from Milcom, the degree of the Ammonites, as it is written, “And he took the crown of Milcom.”

337) Milcom is the degree of the Ammonites, as it is written, “And it was set on David’s head,” and from there it was a testimony for his sons forever. And in it, those who are of the sons of David and are worthy of kingship are recognized. If he could carry a crown on his head, they said that he must be from David’s seed, for he could carry the crown on his head even on the day he was born, although its weight was a talent of gold and a precious stone. Another person, not of his seed, would not be able to carry it. This is what is written about Joash, “And put the crown and the testimony on him.”

338) King David clung to both these degrees, and they are the power of his kingship to overcome all the other nations, for if he were not included in their side, he would not be able to overcome them. Also, all the degrees of the rest of the nations were included in David so as to overcome and grow stronger than them.

339) “And Lot went up out of Zoar, and dwelt in the mountain.” It is written that the leech has two daughters, HavHav [give, give]. Those are the two daughters of the evil inclination, who evoke the evil inclination to rule over the body. One is a soul that always grows in the body, and one is a soul that craves evil lusts and all the ill desires in this world. This is the senior one, and the first one is the younger one.

340) But the evil inclination did not bond. The evil inclination never bonds unless to those two souls, to seduce people so they believe in him and he will lead them to a place where they throw arrows of death at them that pierce them, as it is written, “Until an arrow pierces through his liver.”

341) It is similar to robbers who rob in the mountains and hide themselves in a terrible place in the mountains, and know that people avoid going to those places. What did they do? They fled from them. He who is wittier than all, who knows how to seduce people, who departed them and sat on the right path, where all the people in the world go—once he comes to the people of the world he begins to connect with them there until he lures them into his net. He brings them to a terrible place where there are robbers who kill them. Such is the way of the evil inclination: it lures the people in the world until they believe it and then brings them to a place of death-arrows.

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