And Bowed Down to the Earth

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117) “For thou shall bow down to no other god.” But Jacob, the senior among patriarchswho was selected as a whole part to the Creator and drew very close to Himhow did he bow before that wicked one, Esau, who is on the side of the other god? And one who bows before him bows before another god! And should you say that it is because they said, “the fox whose time has come bowed before him,” it is an allegory: there is a time when the fox rules over all the animals. At that time, even though he is the smallest of the animals, everyone bows before him. Here, too, you will say that this is why Jacob bowed before Esau, since this was his time. But this is not so, since Esau is like another god, and Jacob will never bow down to that side and to that part.

118) We learned that it is forbidden to greet the wicked first. If it is forbidden, why did David say it unto wicked Nabal? And you said good for Him, meaning to Him that lives forever, the Creator, and not to Nabal, while Nabal thinks that he speaks to him.

119) Such as this, “And Israel bowed down upon the bed’s head.” Was he bowing before his son? Rather, he was bowing before Divinity, who was at the head of the bed, because Divinity is next to the sick man’s head. Here, too, “And he passed over before them. He is the Upper Divinity, who was walking before him, and she is the Upper guarding, which was watching over him. Since Jacob saw her, he said, “Now the time has come to bow before the Creator, who was walking before him.”

120) “…and bowed himself to the ground seven times, until he came near to his brother.” It does not say, “they bowed themselves before Esau.” Rather, since he saw that the Creator was walking before him, he bowed before Him, to not give honors, to bow before another one besides Him. Happy are the righteous whose every deed is for the glory of their Lord, so they will not stray to the right or to the left from the straight and middle way.

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