And God Went Up from Him

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163) “And god went up from him,” together with the patriarchs. Jacob is a holy chariot for the Lord, ZA, which stands to shine for the moon, the Nukva. He alone is the chariot because he contains all the patriarchs, which are Hesed and Gevura, for Tifferet includes Hesed and Gevura.

164) “For what great…” indeed, how favored are Israel before the Creator, for you have not a nation or a tongue among all the idol worshipping nations in the world that has gods that will answer their prayers as the Creator is destined to answer the prayers and pleas of Israel any time they need the prayer answered. This is so because they pray only for their degree, which is Divinity. That is, each time they pray, it is for the correction of Divinity.

165) Jacob, the Creator named him “Israel,” meaning Divinity, as it is written, “He called unto Moses.” It writes, Vayikra [called] with a small Aleph, which is Divinity.

166) The name, “Israel,” was properly completed and then he rose in his degree and was completed in that name. For this reason, “and He called his name Israel.”

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