And I Will Put Enmity between You and the Woman

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32) “They are passed away as ships of enmity.” Several ships sail in the great sea. And among them are ships and boats that are separated from one another. And those ships of the serpent that sail among them are called “Ships of enmity.”

The great sea is the Nukva. The ships that sail at sea are the degrees of her illumination to the lower ones. The ships of the serpent are the grips of the serpent, to nourish off her. And these grips are called “enmity.” “And I will put enmity between you and the woman,” meaning that He will give you a hold to suck from the Nukva, and this hold is called “enmity.”

33) “Between you and the woman,” as it is written, “A woman who fears the Lord,” referring to Malchut. “And between your seed” are the rest of the idol worshipping nations, which are the seed of the serpent. “And between her seed,” meaning Israel, the seed of Malchut. “He shall bruise thy head” is the Creator, who is destined to obliterate the serpent from the world, as it is written, “Death shall be swallowed up forever,” and it is written, “And I will also remove… the unclean spirit from the land.”

34) “Head” refers to the future, when the dead arise, since then the world will be Rosh [head], since it will exist in the Rosh, meaning that GAR will shine in it, which are the upper world.

“And you shall bruise their heel” is in this world, now, before the end of correction, when the world is a heel and is not in complete existence, and that serpent bites the world and darkens the faces of people.

35) The days of Adam were created and stood in the upper degrees, in the seven Sefirot HGT NHYM, since they concluded their existence in those degrees, as it is written, “The days of our being in them are seventy years,” corresponding to seven Sefirot, each of which consists of ten. There is no other degree in which to exist. Hence, “Their pride is but labor and sorrow,” and it is as though they never existed. “Their pride” means more, meaning if he lives more than seventy years, they are only labor and sorrow because there is no other Sefira from which to draw life. Hence, those years are as though they never were, for they are undesirable.

36) But the days of the righteous are present and exist even if they live more than seventy years. This is so because they receive from the upper fortune, which adds as much life as he wishes to the seventy years, as it is written, “And the life of Sarah was,” as well as, “And these are the days of the years of Abraham’s life.” And should you say that it is also written in regards to Ishmael, “And these are the years of the life of Ishmael,” although he was not righteous, it is because he repented. This is why it is said, “these” in regards to his days, similar to Abraham’s.

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