And Israel Saw Joseph’s Sons

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366) “And Israel saw Joseph’s sons, and said, ‘Who are these?’” It is written, “And the eyes of Israel were dim with age, and he could not see.” If he could not see, what is, “And Israel saw”? He saw Joseph’s sons in the holy spirit, referring to Jeroboam and his friends. Jeroboam made two golden calves and said, “These are your gods, oh Israel.” This is why Jacob asked, “Who are these?” Who is the one who is destined to say, “These are your gods” to idolatry? It is written about that, “And Israel saw Joseph’s sons.”

367) Righteous see things before they come to the world because the Creator crowns them with His crown. The Creator sees far ahead, as it is written, “And God saw all that He has done.” This is so because the Creator sees all the deeds before they are done, and they all pass before Him.

368) All the generations of the world, from the end of the world to the end of the world, stand before Him before they come into the world. Before they come down, all the souls that come down to the world stand before the Creator in the form they appear in this world and are called by their names, as it is written, “He calls them all by name.”

369) The Creator shows the righteous all the generations of the world before they come and are present in the world. The Creator showed Adam HaRishon all the generations before they came, as it is written, “This is the book of the generations of Adam.” He showed him all the generations that were destined to come into the world.

It was the same with Moses, as it is written, “And the Lord showed him all the land.” The Creator showed him all the generations in the world, all the leaders in the world, and all the prophets, before they came into the world.

370) Here, too, “And Israel saw Joseph’s sons” means that he saw far ahead how they were destined to commit idolatry, and he was shaken and said, “Who are these?” This complements both for Jeroboam, who said, “These are your gods, oh Israel,” and for asking about Menashe and Ephraim. To that, Joseph replied and said, “They are my sons, whom God has thus given me,” meaning they are kosher [fit/qualified/proper]. However, he did not reply to him about Jeroboam and his friends. And the Creator pointed to Jeroboam and his friends, since it is written, “And lo, God has also shown me your seed.” The word “also” comes to multiply those generations that came out of him.

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