And Jacob Was Left Alone

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75) When the Creator created the world, He performed the proper task each day. On the fourth day, He created the lights. And then the moon was created deficient, as she is a light that diminished itself. And because she is Me’orot [lights] without the Vav [in Hebrew], it became possible for all the ghosts, demons, stormy winds and damagers, and all the impure spirits to govern.

76) They all rise and roam the world to fool people. They became appointed in places whose settlements were ruined, in hard fields, unfit for sowing, and in dried out deserts. And all come from the spirit of impurity. We learned that the spirit of impurity that comes from the Slant Serpent, which is Lilith, is the actual spirit of impurity. And it was appointed in the world to lure people toward him; this is why the evil inclination rules over the world.

77) It was appointed among men and he is with them. He comes to them with guile and with deceit, to lure them off the path of the Creator. As he fooled Adam ha Rishon, and caused death to the entire world, so it fools people and causes them to be defiled.

78) And one who comes to be defiled draws upon himself that spirit of impurity and adheres to it. There are several spirits of impurity, which are destined to defile him; they defile him and he becomes impure. And he is defiled in this world and in that world.

79) But when one comes to be purified, that spirit of impurity surrenders before him and cannot rule over him. At that time, it is written, “There shall no evil befall thee,” which is Lilith, and “neither shall any plague come nigh thy tent” are the rest of the damagers.

80) One should not walk out alone at night, all the more so when the moon begins and it is deficient and does not shine to its fullest. This is so because then the spirit of impurity governs and it is an evil spirit. This evil spirit is the evil serpent. And the affliction is the one riding the serpent, which is Sam’el. The evil and the affliction are as one.

81) “…the stripes of the children of men,” who were born from Adam. In those years, when Adam did not come to his wife, the spirits of impurity came and were warmed by him and begot from him. And these are called “the stripes of the children of men.” Even though we learned that stripes are demons that were born from Adam, it still does not contradict our words that the affliction is Sam’el, riding the serpent, for they are two discernments.

82) When one dreams and does not control one’s body, and the body is still, the spirit of impurity comes over him. And sometimes the spirits of impure females come near him and pull him with them and are warmed by him, and beget spirits and damagers. And sometimes they appear as people with no hair on their heads.

83) In any case, one should watch out for them, to walk in the ways of Torah and to not be defiled by them. This is because there is no one who sleeps in his bed at night, who does not taste the taste of death and whose soul does not depart. And since the body remains without the holy soul, the spirit of impurity is destined to be over him, and he is defiled. And one should not put one’s hands to one’s eyes in the morning because the spirit of impurity is over him.

84) Although Jacob was beloved by the Creator, still, since he was left alone, another spirit was destined to become attached to him.

85) It is written about that wicked one, Balaam, “And he went to a bare height.” What is “bare height”? Alone. It is as though you say, “My way is a lone one,” like that serpent that walks alone and lurks on roads and trails. Similarly, Balaam was walking alone, to extend the spirit of impurity upon himself, for anyone who walks alone at certain times, even in the city—in certain places—draws upon himself the spirit of impurity.

86) For this reason, one should not walk alone on the way and in the city, but in a place where people come and go. Hence, one should not walk out alone at night, because there are no people at that time. And this is the reason why “his body shall not remain all night upon the tree,” so as to not keep in the land a dead body, without spirit, during the night.

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