And the Children Struggled

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25) “And the children struggled together… And she went to inquire of the Lord,” to the seminary of Shem and Ever. “And the children struggled together within her” because Shem was that wicked, Esau, who fought with Jacob.

“Struggled” means that they were broken and split. Esau came from the side that rides the serpent, Sam’el, and Jacob from the side that rides the perfect, holy throne—the side of the sun, ZA—to mate with the moon, the Nukva. The throne is Nukva, the moon.

26) Because Esau was drawn after that serpent, Jacob treated him with deceit, as with a serpent, which is cunning and treats with deceit.

This is how it should be in order to extend Esau after that serpent and to part from Jacob. And he had no share with him, not in this world and not in the next world, as we learned that one who comes to kill you, kill him first.

He followed his brother in the abdomen, meaning he kept him low, in that heel. This means that he separated him from holiness and brought him down to the side of impurity, called “heel,” at the bottom of holiness. It is written, “And his hand had hold on Esau’s heel,” meaning that he put his hands on that heel to subdue it under holiness.

27) “And his hand had hold” means that Jacob could not come out and altogether depart him, but his hand remained holding onto Esau’s heel. And the light of his hand, the moon, which is Nukva, called “the hand of Tifferet,” which is Jacob, was covered because of Esau’s heel. Hence, Jacob needed to act wisely with him, to push him down so he would cling to his place, the Sitra Achra, and completely depart from holiness.

28) “And his name was called Jacob.” Clearly, the Creator is the one who called him Jacob. The Creator saw that that primordial serpent was wise in doing harm. When Jacob came, the Creator said, “This one must be equally wise as the serpent”; hence, the Creator called him Jacob, after his wisdom, for he knew how to stall the serpent and separate him from holiness.

30) Jacob knew that Esau would cling to that Slant Serpent. For this reason, he followed him in all his actions like another Slant Serpent, opposite him, cleverly and shrewdly.

“And God created the great sea monsters.” These are Esau and Jacob. “And every living creature that creeps” are all the other degrees between them. Thus, Jacob and Esau are sea monsters, meaning serpents, Esau being the Slant Serpent, and Jacob following him like a parallel Slant Serpent opposite him. Thus, it was necessary that Jacob would make himself wise so as to stand up to that other serpent.

31) For this reason, every month one goat is offered, to attach it to its place so it is separated from the moon, Nukva de ZA, whose light was covered because of Esau’s heel. And also, that goat should be offered on Yom Kippur (Day of Atonement). This is done wisely, to govern it so it cannot do harm. In other words, Esau is a goat, and the wisdom in the goat is the first day of the month, the first day of the year, and Yom Kippur. It is all done with wisdom and deceit toward it, since it is the evil serpent, wise in harming, slandering above, and inciting below.

32) For this reason, Israel move first and plot against him with great wisdom, so it cannot do harm and govern. And for this reason, Jacob, who is faith, did all that he did toward Esau so as to not allow that serpent to defile the tabernacle and to not draw near it, so it would not rule over the world.

This is why neither Abraham nor Isaac needed to behave deceitfully, since Esau, who is the side of that serpent, had not yet come to the world. But Jacob, who is the landlord, the owner of Divinity, had to stand up to that serpent so as to not give him it dominance in defiling Jacob’s tabernacle, which is the Nukva. Thus, Jacob had to fight cunningly with him more than all the people in the world. And because Jacob fought cunningly with him and acquired the seniority and blessings from him, the holy Israel were chosen to be the share and the lot of the Creator.

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