And the Life of Sarah Was

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23) “And the life of Sarah was.” This life is entirely above, in Bina. 100 years is Keter, above. Twenty years are HB, above, and seven years are ZAT, above. These are GAR and ZAT de Bina, from which Sarah received life, which is the Mochin. On all of them it is written “year” and on the seven it writes “years,” as it is written [in the Hebrew text], “A hundred year,” and “Twenty year,” and then “Seven years.”

24) But the hundred years there include everything, meaning Keter, which contains the ten Sefirot, each of which consists of ten, and they are one hundred. This is so because the place of the Upper One—the more hidden of all that is hidden—is included there. This is AA, the one hundred blessings of each day. This means that he imparts one hundred blessings upon the Malchut each day from his 100 Sefirot.

AA is the Keter de Atzilut. And also, twenty years, which are HBAA—which is the most hidden—is included in them. This is the reason why it writes “year” about them, in singular form, which is the unification. This is so because thought and Yovel [fifty years period], which are HB, never part from one another, since GAR are connected to each other as one.

25) But seven years, which are ZAT de Bina, are separate from one another. They exit the hidden one above, which is AA, since they stand below Parsa de AA, at his Chazeh. And the Parsa separates between them and AA. And even though all is one, equal unity, the ZAT are discerned with Din and Rachamim [mercy] into several sides and ways. But above, in GAR de Bina, AA clothes in them above the Chazeh and there is no Din there at all. This is why it is written “Seven years” about them and not “year” as with the GAR. And every ten Sefirot of GAR and ZAT are called “life,” which is why it is written, “And the life of Sarah was,” since they actually were, created and stood above, in ten Sefirot de Bina.

26) Why does it write of Sarah’s death more than of other women’s? It is because when Isaac was tied, he was thirty-seven years old. And since he was tied, Sarah died, as it is written, “And Abraham came.” He came from Mount Moriah, from tying Isaac. And those thirty-seven years from the day Isaac was born until the time he was tied were certainly the life of Sarah, as is the number of “was” in Gematria [in Hebrew], which is thirty-seven years, from the day Isaac was born until he was tied. And the death of Sarah is written in the Torah to tell us that.

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