And the Time Drew Near that Israel Must Die, and He Called His Son Joseph

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25) “And the time drew near that Israel must die.” He saw that this trouble of the exile would happen to his sons, and he brought it closer to his soul, “And his soul was annoyed to death.” And he did not remain alive when he descended from his degrees due to the sins of Israel. And Israel, ZA, did not descend with them into exile, as did Divinity, who went down into exile with them.

Happy are Israel because if ZA did come down with them into exile, they would remain among the nations and would not be able to come out of them. And it is written, “Why have I come and there was no one, I called and none answered? Is My hand too short to redeem?” “And none answered” is Israel, ZA. “[Why] have I come and there was no one” is Divinity, whose hand is too short. Thus, ZA, too, went into exile with them.

However, the Creator gave a portion to Israel, so no other minister would rule over them. For this reason, he was in exile with them. And when they went into exile, Divinity is with them. But ZA is far from Divinity. Indeed, ZA is in exile with Israel, too, as well as Divinity. But he is far from Divinity and there is no Zivug between them. This is why he said before that ZA did not go down to exile.

(înapoi la pagina ZOHAR CUPRINS / VAYECHI – click)

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