Behold, Your Father Is Ill

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36) “And it came to pass after these things, that Joseph was told, ‘Behold, your father is ill.’” The text does not come to tell us what Joseph did, but what was to happen at the end of the exile, that all those will be at the end of the count that was counted, the end of the six thousand years.

The words, “Joseph was told, ‘Behold, your father is ill,’” wish to say that a Messiah, Joseph, will come and he will be told, “Your father in heaven is rushing to see your face, who is overlooking the end of the Messiah.” “Your father is ill” means that he is concerned and in a hurry.” And the words, “And he took with him his two sons, Menasheh and Ephraim,” wish to say, “May it please God in heaven to welcome His sons, who have been fruitful and multiplied in the exile,” hence the name Ephraim [Ephraim contains the word Parim (multiplying)], “And whose iniquities have been forgotten by the exile,” which is why they are called Menasheh, which means forgetting [Menasheh comes from Neshia (oblivion)], since the Creator forgot their iniquities against the truth.

37) “The Lord will add to me another son” interprets the Holy Name in Joseph, the three letter name YaHU [YodHeyVav]. In the same way, it is written, “Joseph was told, ‘Behold, your father,’” belonging to the next world, ZA in Mochin of upper Bina, who is called “the next world,” wanting to do good to His sons so they will come out from their exile. And if, in Your truthfulness, you will not want, meaning you will not find them worthy of it, then the Name with four, “HaVaYaH is one” [“The Lord is one”] will correct you and Divinity will return to her place. This is so because if the sons are not worthy of redemption of their own, ZA will correct them for elevating them to the next world, which is Bina, and by that, the unification of One HaVaYaH will be established.

38) The patriarchs are the upper Merkava [chariot/structure] of the Holy Name, as it is written, “And God went up from Abraham,” meaning He was riding it. It is also written, “You will give truth to Jacob, mercy to Abraham.” This means that Jacob is a Merkava for Tifferet, who is called “truth,” and Abraham is a Merkava for Hesed [mercy]. This is why we explained the words, “Behold, your father is ill,” in regards to ZA, and that through the unification HaVaYaH is one, the Messiah will come.

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