Gad, Regiments Will Come Forth from Him

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726) The name Gad implies that armies will come forth from him to wage war. Gad has the letters GimelDalet [in Hebrew], Yesod and Malchut, which armies and camps emerge from their Zivug, since Gimel, which is Yesod, gives, and Dalet, which is Malchut, collects. This means that several armies and camps depend on them.

727) The waters of the river that stretches out of Eden, Bina, never stop. It complements the poor because it imparts the light of Hassadim through a GimelYesod, to the DaletMalchut, who is poor and meager. For this reason, several armies and several camps are standing, which are nourished from Bina, the river. This is the reason why this Zivug is called “Gad,” Gimel taking out of Bina and giving, and Dalet, collecting and receiving from it, and the house, the Nukva, and the entire household is nourished—meaning all of the people of the home, the armies, and the camps of angels that spread forth from her.

728) Were Gad not one of the sons of the maidservants, who are Achoraim, he would have had the fortune of being more complete than all the other tribes due to the high and perfect source to which Gad implies. Because at first, he was fortunate to be complete, and subsequently the completeness departed him, due to that river that stretches, which is Bina, who is called “a stream.” At that time he departed because Gad was considered Achoraim, while the stream, Bina, does not bestow in the Achoraim. Thus, the Gimel had nothing to impart upon the Dalet, which is why he was not rewarded with the holy land, but the other side of the Jordan was his inheritance.

729) Reuben was like Gad, too. First, he was at a degree of Gadlut, and then it departed him, when the waters, the light of Bina, departed and no longer extended. He was flawed because Jacob was thinking of Rachel, hence the birthright was taken from him and was given to Joseph. Both of them, Reuben and Gad, were not rewarded with the holy land but with the other side of the Jordan, and elicited from there armies and camps to be the vanguards before the children of Israel, to inherit the land to Israel.

That which was flawed in Gad, was complemented in Asher, for Asher is the Achoraim de Hod, where there are the Dinim de Masach de Hirik, on which the middle line emerges, uniting right and left with one another and returning the Achoraim to being internal. And since the Achoraim returned to being internal, Bina shines for them once more, and the Gimel bestows the Hassadim of Bina to the Dalet, and she is complemented. Thus, what is missing in Gad, the light of Bina, is complemented in Asher.

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