His Spirit Was Troubled

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27) “And it came to pass in the morning that his spirit was troubled; and he sent.” With Pharaoh, it writes Tipa’em [troubled], but with Nebuchadnezzar, it is written, Titpa’em [different spelling of troubled]. With Pharaoh, it is Tipa’em because he knew the dream but did not know the solution. But Nebuchadnezzar saw the dream and saw the solution, and all was forgotten from him. This is why it writes, Titpa’em.

28) “His spirit was troubled,” as it is written, “And the spirit of the Lord began to move him,” meaning the spirit was coming and going, coming and going, and it still did not settle in him properly. This is why it is written, “And the spirit of the Lord began to move him,” for then it was still the beginning of the permeation of the spirit. And here, too, the spirit awakened in him, parted, and awakened once more. And it did not settle in him to understand and to know.

It is written about Nebuchadnezzar, “And his spirit was troubled,” since the awakening of the spirit was twofold: he did not know the dream or the solution, and the spirits were coming and going, as it is written, “from time to time,” one time in this and one time in that, and his mind and spirit were not settled.

29) “And he sent and called for all the sorcerers of Egypt,” the charmers. “And all its wise men” are the knowledgeable in fortunes. And they all observed to know but they could not attain.

30) Even though we learned that you show to a person only according to one’s degree, it is not so with kings: They are shown high things, different from what other people are shown. As the king’s degree is higher than all the other people, he is shown a higher degree than all the others, as it is written, “God has shown to Pharaoh what He is about to do.” But the Creator does not show to other people what He does except for prophets or pious [Hassidim], or the sages of the generation.

31) “He restored me in my office, but he hanged him.” We learn from this that the dream follows the solution. “Restored me in my office” means restored Joseph, “But he hanged him” is Joseph, by the force of that solution that he provided him, which had to happen in this way. And it is written, “And it came to pass, as he interpreted to us, so it was.”

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