I Will Go Down and See

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201) To whom did the Creator say, “Done all that”? To the angels? Or did He speak to Abraham and commanded the angels? And he says that he said to Abraham, “Done all that,” for those places were in his domain.

202) To Abraham? But it writes “Done” in plural form [in Hebrew]. Why did He say, “Done”? He says that He spoke to Abraham and to Divinity, who did not move from him, and this is why he said, “Done” [in plural form].

When we said that He said to the angels “Done all that,” who saw it fit to speak to one and to command another? It is because the angels were there to execute judgment. This is why He told them, “Do.”

203) Why did the Creator say, “I will go down and see”? Did He not know? But everything was open before Him. Indeed, “I will go down” means descending from the degree of Rachamim to the degree of Din. “And see,” this seeing is about seeing which judgment should He inflict upon them.

204) We have found evidence that it is for the better, and we have found evidence that it is for the worse. Evidence for the better is in the words, “And God saw the children of Israel, and God knew.” Evidence for the worse is in the words, “I will go down and see,” to watch over them in Din. And the Creator said about that, “Do I hide from Abraham?”

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