I Will Serve You Seven Years

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128) “And he said, ‘I will serve you seven years for your younger daughter Rachel,’” so that people will not say that he did it for his craving after Rachel’s beauty, but so they will know that he did it with wisdom. The moon, the Nukva de ZA, is made of seven years, meaning she must be built in seven SefirotHGT NHYM. And all the upper seven years, HGT NHYM, from Bina, rested on Jacob before he married Rachel so as to bestow the seven Sefirot of Bina unto her own seven Sefirot. Jacob took them all from Bina and then came to her to be as ZA, heaven, which is regarded as Nukva de ZA, land.

129) “And they seemed to him but a few days because of his love for her.” The entire seven years were to him as the upper seven years from Bina, who are ones, in one unification, and are not separated. They are all one, since they connect to one another for the love that he loved her, since she was to him like the upper unification in Bina.

130) Even Laban implied to him in these seven Sefirot, and he himself did not know what he was saying, since he said that it was good, as it is written, “It is better that I give her to you.” Thus, he worked seven years, seven Sefirot, to impart those seven Sefirot to the bottom Nukva, Rachel, who is called Shmita [periodic remission of land cultivation every 7th year]. Tov [“good,” from “Better I give her to you”] are the seven upper Sefirot, which extend from Bina, since they are from the point of MiftachaTet [1st letter in Tov] is YesodVav [2nd letter] is Tifferet, which includes six Sefirot, and Bet [3rd letter] is two letters Hey.

Yovel [jubilee], which is Bina, does not appear; it is Hassadim that are covered and concealed from Hochma. But Shmita does appear because the Hassadim in her are disclosed in illumination of Hochma. Also, Leah and Rachel correspond to Yovel and Shmita because Leah is the Nukva de ZA from the Chazeh and above—opposite BinaYovel, the hidden world—and Rachel is the Nukva de ZA from the Chazeh down, Shmita, the revealed world.

131) When Jacob was serving the first seven years, a voice came out and said, “From the world to the world,” extending from the hidden world, Leah, to the revealed world, Rachel. The beginning is in the hidden world, above, which is Yovel and Leah, and not from the revealed world, Rachel. And those degrees that are hidden and are not revealed to us are from the Yovel. This is why they were concealed from Jacob, who did not even know that they were for Leah, that she was Yovel. Rather, he thought that they were from the Shmita because of Rachel.

And there is another reason: to make the beginning from the upper world, Leah, it was concealed from him that they belong to Leah, since the Yovel is concealed. And because it is concealed and covered from Hochma, he did not wish to begin and to extend from it if he did not think that they belonged to the revealed world. And after the seven covered years of Yovel went by, he worked for the seven revealed years of Shmita for Rachel, and he was crowned with both worlds, the hidden world and the revealed world, and was united in them.

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