Jacob, Israel, and Jeshurun

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244) The Creator promised Israel that He would endow them with the next world in several places, because He did not wish to admit into His lot any other nation and tongue but Israel. For this reason, He gave them the true law, by which to merit knowing the ways of the Creator, so they will inherit the holy land. This is so because anyone who is rewarded with this holy land has a share in the next world, as it is written, “Thy people also shall be all righteous; they shall inherit the land for ever.”

245) There are three degrees: Jacob, then Israel, then Jeshurun. Jacob is the degree of VAK without a Rosh [head]. Israel is the degree of GAR, although they are one degree, ZA.

246) Why are Israel called “Jeshurun”? Israel and Jeshurun are all one. Jeshurun, the Yeshur [aligning] of people, since he takes a line from this side and a line from that side. And because these are two lines, he calls them Yeshurun, in plural tense. Israel is also a line, as it is the acronym of Yashar El [straight to God].

247) Israel is read with a left Shin [pronounced as Sin], which is Serara [authority] for taking Gadlut and strength from all. Jeshurun is named after those parts, which are the two sides, right and left, which are two lines, and it is all one.

Rows mean lines, and the name Jeshurun [in Hebrew, Yeshurun], which is in plural tense, indicates to rows. Hence, it necessarily contains the two upper lines—Hochma and Bina. And the name, “Israel,” which is an acronym for Yashar El, indicates a line, as well, as in, aligning of people. Also, this is in singular tense, which indicates the middle line, which is Daat—containing the two upper lines, which are HB.

Israel and Jeshurun are one, for both are GAR de ZA, from Chazeh de ZA upwards. Jeshurun is the two upper lines—right and left, Hochma and Bina de ZA. The name, “Israel” is from the word “line,” as well, as it is an acronym for Yashar El, middle line, DaatVAK de Rosh of ZA. Israel is pronounced with a left Shin [Sin], which means authority, since it contains both. For this reason, it takes its greater part from the right line and its strength from the left line. Jeshurun are the two lines, Hochma and Bina of Rosh de ZA, and all three names are one, for all are in ZA.

248) All these names become one, which are three PartzufimHBDHGTNHY de ZA, called BeriaYetziraAssiya de ZA. Jeshurun is HBD, Israel is HGT, and Jacob is TNHY. This is why it is written, “Jacob My servant,” since at times he is a servant, like a slave following his master’s orders and doing his will. This indicates that he has no Mochin, since he is Partzuf TNHY and considered Assiya de ZA. Also, “Israel, whom I have chosen,” means to be in it, in Mochin de GAR. All are in the Upper One, for all three degrees are considered Rosh. These degrees rise to one, which are the three Partzufim ZA, Jeshurun, Israel, and Jacob, which are HBDHGTNHY, and BeriaYetzira, and Assiya. This is why it is said about them, Bore [creating], Yotzer [making], Ose [doing].(7) All these degrees are one atop the other, and they are all one.

According to what is explained above, it should have said, Osecha Jacob [referring to Assiya], and not Bor’echa Jacob [referring to Beria]. The thing is that there is inverse relation between lights and vessels. When there are only Kelim de Beria in the Partzuf, there is only the discernment of Jacob in it. And when Kelim de Yetzira are added in the Partzuf, there is the discernment of Israel, as well. And when Kelim de Assiya are added to the Partzuf, there is the discernment of Jeshurun, as well.

This is why it says, Bor’echa Yaakov ve Yotzrecha Ysrael [Your creator, Jacob and your maker, Israel].(8) And saying that Israel is Yetzira and HGT does not mean that it is VAK without a Rosh, for here it speaks only of Mochin and Rosh in the three Partzufim HBDHGTNHY in the Rosh of ZA.

249) Happy is the lot of Israel, for the Creator wanted them from among all the idol worshipping nations, for those are all vanity of vanities and will be lost on the day of their calling, when the Creator will blot them out from the world and will remain Him alone, as it is written, “and the Lord alone shall be exalted in that day.”


(7) Bore comes from the word BeriaYotzer comes from the word Yetzira, and Ose comes from the word Assiya.

(8) In English, the traditional translation is “…that created thee, O Jacob, and He that formed thee, O Israel.”

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