Let Me Go for the Day Breaks

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90) When the Creator erects Israel and delivers them from exile, a very small and thin vent of light shall open to them. And then another, a little bigger opening will open for them, until the Creator opens for them the upper gates that are open to the four directions of the world. It is so that their salvation will not appear at once, but like the dawn, which shines gradually brighter until the day is set.

91) And all that the Creator does to Israel and to the righteous among them, when He delivers them bit by bit and not all at once, is like a person who is in the dark and has always been in the dark. When you want to give him light, you first need to light a small light, like the eye of a needle, and then a little bigger. Thus, every time some more until all the light properly shines for him.

92) Such are Israel. And also, one who is healed is not healed at once. Rather, it comes bit by bit until he is healed. But for Esau, it shone at once, and gradually waned, until Israel grow strong and blot him out from the whole of this world and from the next world. And because the day lit up for him at once, he had ruin from everything. But the light of Israel gradually increases until they gain strength and the Creator shines for them forever.

93) The dawn is the beginning of the morning, the thickening darkness before the light of day. This is the afore-mentioned very fine light. And afterwards, it is as handsome as the moon, since the light of the moon is more than the light of the dawn. And afterwards it is as bright as the sun, whose light is bright and shines more than the moon. And afterwards it is “as terrible as an army with banners.” This means that it is bright, with properly bright light. “…as an army with banners” are four banners that contain twelve tribes, which are the complete fullness of the Nukva.

94) When the day is still dark, the light is covered, and the morning comes to shine, it begins with shining just a little, until the light increases properly. Similarly, when the Creator awakens to shine for the assembly of Israel, He will first shine like the dawn, which is black, and then as handsome as the moon, and then as bright as the sun, and then “as terrible as an army with banners.”

95) Since the dawn has risen, it does not say, “The dawn has come,” but rather, “The day breaks.” This is so because when the dawn comes, that appointee over Esau prevails and bites Jacob, because that appointee bit Jacob in order to give Esau the courage to prevail.

96) But when the beginning of the dawn rises, the light comes and Jacob prevails. This is because then comes his time to shine, as it is written, “And the sun rose upon him as…” “… the sun rose upon him” because then was the time to shine.

97) “…and he limped upon his thigh.” This implies that when Israel are in exile and suffer pains and sorrow and several hardships, when the day shines for them and they have rest, then they will look, and their hearts will ache from all the hardships and the troubles they had suffered, and they will wonder about them. It is written about that, “And the sun rose upon him,” the sun of the time of rest. And then, “he limped upon his thigh,” which aches and regrets what he had suffered.

98) When the morning broke, Jacob prevailed and gripped him, for the strength of the angel weakened because he has dominion only at night, and Jacob rules during the day. It is said about that, “And he said: ‘Let me go, for the day breaks,’” for I am in your domain.

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