Please My Lord Pass Over before His Servant

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127) “Please my lord pass over before his servant.” Jacob did not want to receive these first blessings that his father blessed him now, and not one of them has come true in him, since he put them off for the end of days, when his sons would need them, to use them against all the nations of the world.

128) For this reason, when Esau said, “Let us take our journey, and let us go,” and divide this world between us and govern it together, Jacob said, “Please my lord pass over before his servant.” This means that first Esau will rule this world. “Please pass over” implies preference, as it is written, “and their king is passed on before them, and the Lord at the head of them.” Jacob told him, “you control the world first, and I will journey on leisurely and raise myself to the next world. But in the end of days, for these days that walk slowly.

129) “…according to the work.” What work? This is the mirror that does not shine, which is the Nukva de ZA, through which all the work in the world is done. “…that are before me” is the Nukva. It is everywhere, before the Lord, which is ZA. “…and according to the children” are the Cherubim, small faces, to show the faith, which is the Nukva to which Jacob clings, since the Nukva lives on these Mochin.

130) “…until I come.” Jacob told him, I will tolerate your exile until my time to govern the Mount of Esau comes, as it is written, “And saviors shall come up on mount Zion to judge the mount of Esau.” At that time, the Lord will have the kingship.

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