The Gathering of the Exiles and the Revival of the Dead

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68) He sat and regretted. He said, “Great fear and dread have entered me. I see what the friends, the authors of the Mishnah whose spirit of the sages are upon them have commented. They had commented that redemption will be on the sixth millennium. This is good, but I see great prolonging for these earth dwellers, that the dwellers of the earth will be revived and come to be on the 408th year since the sixth millennium.

He called the dwellers of the earth, “The sons of Het,” since Het means that they will awaken for revival for 408 years. It is written, “In this year of jubilee [in Hebrew, Yovel] you shall return every man unto his possession, when this one is completed, the 5,408th. The Hey of HaZot [this] implies five thousands, and Zot is 408 in Gematria. “You shall return every man unto his possession,” when the body returns to its soul, which is its share and domain.

69) We learn that there are three factions: complete righteous, complete wicked, and intermediate. The complete righteous will be revived in the revival of the dead of the land of Israel, which precede the time of the 408th by several years, in the fortieth year after the gathering of the exiles. The last ones will all rise at the time of the 408th of the sixth millennium. Who will be rewarded with this prolonging and who will maintain His law at that time? This is something that I regret myself.

70) We learned, “Let there be light.” Light is the redemption. And the word “light” in Gematria is Raz, which means secret. When the writing says, “Let there be light,” it implies that at the time of redemption there will be a secret, unknown to any person.

With repentance, everyone will advance toward revival. If you had not said so, we would not have left an opening for those who await redemption every day, as it is written, “A sinew of salvation,” implying to those who await salvation every day. And if salvation is tied to a set time, how is it possible to expect it every day? Hence, surely it depends on repentance. Whenever they repent, they will be redeemed, and forty years following the redemption will be the revival of the dead.

71) It depends on repentance, as it is written, “And many of them that sleep in the dust of the earth shall awake.” “Of them that sleep” means that only some will awaken, the righteous who repented in their lives, are revived first. Thus, through repentance they advance.

By how many years do the righteous precede the rest of the people? The righteous precede the rest of the people by 214 years. The measure of preceding depends on the measure by which it has decayed in the dust. Any body that decayed in the dust first is revived first. There are many revivals, since each body has a special revival depending on the speed of its rotting in the ground, but all the revivals will be at the same time.

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