The Redeeming Angel

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395) “The angel that redeems me from all evil shall bless the boys.” After Jacob blessed and intended to unify from below upwards, when he said, “The God,” Malchut, “Before whom my fathers,” HG, “Walked,” he extended from above downwards when he said, “The God,” Bina, “Who has been my shepherd,” Tifferet, and extended from Bina to Tifferet. When he received blessings, he then gave blessings to Nukva. And after the blessings arrived at the place he started and said, “The angel that redeems,” from whom the blessings extend to the lower ones.

396) The cherubim were standing in a sign and a miracle. Three times a day, they were spreading their wings and sheltering the ark below. It is written, “The cherubim spread wings.” It does not say, “Whose wings are spread,” which would mean that their wings are always spread. Rather, it is written, “Spread wings,” meaning that they do a deed and spread wings three times a day.

397) The Creator did below as above. The cherubim in the tabernacle are as the cherubim above. The shape of the cherubim above is as boys who are standing under the Nukva de Atzilut on the right and on the left. They stand at the holy of holies of Beria, who are Matat and Sandalfon, and they are blessed first by the blessings that extend from above, and from here the blessings extend below.

398) “The angel that redeems me” is Tifferet, who receives blessings from above. And since he received, he will bless the boys, the cherubim, who are Matat and Sandalfon, from whom the blessings extend from upper ones to lower ones.

399) It is written, “House and wealth are an inheritance from fathers, and a wise wife is from the Lord.” The Creator gives everything to a person. When the Creator awards a man with a house and a fortune, sometimes he bequeaths it all to his son and it becomes a patrimony for him. “And a wise wife is from the Lord” means that a man is rewarded with a wife from the Creator because the Creator rewards a person with her only after he is declared in the firmament.

400) The Creator makes couplings even before they come to the world. When people are rewarded with them, according to their actions, they are given a wife, and all the deeds of people are revealed before the Creator. And by the deeds of the righteous, He makes couplings before one comes to the world.

401) Sometimes in a bonding, a daughter of so and so is declared to so and so before they come to the world, but when he is born, the man corrupts his ways, so his mate is given to another until he straightens his ways. If he improves his ways and it is time for him to marry his mate, then a man is rejected before a man, and he comes and takes what is his. And the one who married his mate, before he improved his deeds, is now repelled because of him and dies, and he receives his mate from him. It is hard for the Creator to repel a man because of another man, so the Creator is the one who gives the woman to the man and the couplings come from Him. This is why it is written, “And a wise wife is from the Lord.”

402) In truth, the Creator gives everything to a person, not just a wise wife. Even though the Creator summons good to give to man, if the man diverts his ways from the Creator to the Sitra Achra, from that Sitra Achra that clung to him in all the slandering and all the evils, what will come upon him will come, and they do not come to him from the Creator, but from that evil side that clung to him due to the deeds that he did.

403) Hence, a woman that is not wise, Solomon says about her, “I find the woman more bitter than death, since he drew her upon him through his iniquities and the deeds that he did, and not through the Creator. Hence, when the Creator desires a person because of his good deeds, he provides him with a wise wife and redeems him from the Sitra Achra.

404) This is why Jacob said, “The angel that redeems me from all evil,” meaning that I did not get a wife from the Sitra Achra and no blemish was placed in my seed, and they are all righteous and whole, complete, since he was redeemed from all evil, from the Sitra Achra. Also, Jacob did not cling to that Sitra Achra at all.

405) Hence, “The angel that redeems me from all evil shall bless the boys,” who are worthy of being blessed because Joseph kept the sign of the holy covenant. Joseph said about it, “They are my sons, which the Lord has thus given me,” meaning that the covenant kept him and his sons worthy of being blessed, and he is worthy of many blessings. For this reason, Jacob gave each a single blessing, and many blessings to Joseph, as it is written, “The blessings of your father have surpassed the blessings of my ancestors … may they be the head of Joseph.”

406) It is written, “Unto You I lift up my eyes, O You who dwells in the heavens.” The prayer of a man who intends in it is above in the upper depth, Bina, from which all the blessings extend, meaning from the right line, as well as every freedom, meaning from the left line, and from there they come out to sustain everything from her middle line.

407) Hence, there is an extra Yod here, for it writes, “Yoshvi [dwells] in heaven” instead of “Yoshev [“dwells” as it is usually spelled] in heaven.” This is so because the YodHochma, never stops from that place because the Zivug of Hochma and Bina never stops. This is why it is written, “Who Yoshvi [dwells] in the heavens” with an extra Yod, since Bina is gripped to upper Hochma, above, who is called, Yod, and gripped below, meaning she sits on the throne of the fathers, HGT, the throne that is called “heaven,” ZA, which includes HGT. This is because HGT de ZA are the three legs of the upper throne, which is Bina, hence the words, “Who dwells in the heaven.”

408) This means that when the blessings extend from above, from this depth, Bina, all of heaven receive them, meaning ZA, and from him, they extend below until they reach the righteous, Tzadik and Tzedek, everlasting covenant, the Nukva, and from her, all the armies and all the camps, which are the lower ones in BYA, are blessed.

409) The Nukva, a world, receives from the heaven, who are HGT de ZA. The crown of all the armies, Nukva, from whom all the armies in BYA receive, rises in seventy-two lights, which are seventy-two names in HGT de ZA. She is established into being the circle of the world in seventy places, where the seventy-two names of ZA illuminate in the Nukva in seventy places in the form of a circle, which means that it illuminates only from its center up and does not spread from above downwards.

They are all one circle, all seventy places. Within that circle is a point that stands in the middle. This is the Masach on which the Zivug was made, and the light is received from there and above to all the sides. Hence, from that point, the whole circle is nourished. She is called “the house of the holy of holies,” and she is a place for the Ruach of all the Ruchot [plural of Ruach], where ZA, the light of Ruach, mates, and from which all the Ruchot in the worlds extend. This is the secret, that in all the secrets, the point of Man’ula [lock] is hidden within it and only the point of Miftacha [key] is revealed and dominating. He is hidden among the armies that spread from the Nukva and is hidden in her herself. When the Nukva rises through the seventy-two lights, all the worlds rise in her wake.

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