The Signs of the Messiah

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476) “Then will I remember My covenant with Jacob.” Why is Jacob spelled with a Vav [in Hebrew]? Vav is the degree of Hochma in the place where Jacob is, Tifferet de Atzilut, middle line. And the filling in Jacob indicates to the Hochma in the Partzuf. Also, Tifferet and Yesod as one are Vav, hence Jacob is written with a Vav, to point to his bond with Yesod, which is his completion.

This text implies to when they are absent from the exile, in the Vav, in the sixth millennium. It implies that Jacob, the children of Israel, will be redeemed in the Vav.

477) The commandment concerning the Vav is six and a half minutes. And at the sixtieth year to the bar of the door, in the sixth millennium—the VavTifferet, is the middle bar that bolt inside the boards from one end to the other, hence its name, “the door-bolt,”—the God of heaven will raise a count for the daughter of Jacob. And it will take six and a half years from that time until she has remembering. This is the length of time of the count. And from that time, it will take six other years, which is the length of time of remembering, and they are seventy-two and a half years.

This is so because each illumination appears in Katnut and in Gadlut. It begins in KatnutVAK, which shines only from below upwards—female light—and this disclosure is called “a count.” Subsequently, the Gadlut appears, the light of GAR, which shines from above downwards. This revelation is called, “remembering,” “male light,” and your indication is that the female’s face turns upwards, and the male’s face turns downwards.

This is why the birth of Isaac begins with the words, “Then the Lord took note of Sarah,” which is female light, called “counting,” when she was still unfit for delivery, until the remembering was extended to her. This is why it is written a second time, “And the Lord did for Sarah as He had promised,” which is the remembering. This is so because it mentions action here, and action is considered male, since there is no action in female light because a woman is the ground of the world.

Also, in the future redemption, when the Vav raises the Hey in the complete and great light, as it is written, “And the light of the moon shall be as the light of the sun,” the count of this great light will appear first, and then the remembering. The count, which extends in the matter of the Vav, will shine for only six minutes, HGT NHY, which shine in her by mingling with the male while with respect to herself she has only half a time, meaning half the Malchut, called, “time,” that is, only from the Chazeh up in her, and not from the Chazeh down. This is so because she is still in the form of counting, which is female light, which does not shine from above downwards; hence, half a moment is missing in her, meaning from the Chazeh down.

And for this reason, the years of the count will be six and a half years, from sixty years to sixty-six and a half. Then the light of remembering, the male light, will appear from the Vav, and the Messiah King will appear, who is male and Vav, and his illumination will last six other years.

478) In sixty-six years will the Messiah King be revealed in the land of the Galilee. This is the Messiah Son of Joseph. Hence, the place of his revelation is the Galilee, the lot of Joseph. And when a star on the east will swallow seven stars on the north, and a blaze of black fire will hang in the firmament for sixty days, wars will awaken in the world on the north side, and two kings will fall in these wars. And all the peoples will come together over the daughter of Jacob, to repel her from the world. It is written about that time, “It is a time of trouble unto Jacob, but he will be saved from it.” At that time, all the souls will perish from a body and will need to return and be renewed. And your sign is, “All the souls belonging to Jacob that came into Egypt,” all sixty six souls.

This is so because prior to the complete redemption, there were redemptions from Egypt and from Babylon by the force of the lights and Kelim de Ima [vessels of Ima]. But Malchut herself had had no redemption yet, in and of herself. This is the rainbow, in which only three colors shine—white, red, and green (HGT)—while her black color does not shine, since Malchut has nothing of her own. Instead, she needs to receive from ZA, her husband, who gives her from the lights and Kelim de Ima. But complete redemption means that Malchut herself will be built with her own Kelim and lights, and will no longer need to receive the lights and Kelim de Ima from ZA, as it is written, “And the light of the moon will be as the light of the sun.”

As in Malchut’s previous redemptions, Malchut is built in three lines, and then she herself is built—the vessel of reception of the three lines. Similarly, in the future redemption, the light of redemption must correct the Malchut one at a time in three lines, and then her own self, which receives from three lines. Subsequently, she will have all the perfection suitable for the complete Zivug, which are the five discernments of correction.

This leads to an succession of times:

  • First correction—from sixty years to sixty-six and a half—the right line in her will be corrected in the light of counting.
  • Second correction—from sixty-six to seventy-three years—the left line in her will be corrected in the light of remembering. Hence, at that time, the Messiah Son of Joseph will appear in the land of the Galilee, and all the signs at that time come from the Dinim [judgments], which apply during the illumination of the left.
  • Third correction—from seventy-three years to 100 years—corrects the middle line in her, by which the Messiah Son of David will appear.
  • Fourth correction—her self, to receive all that there is in the three lines—from 100 years to the end of the sixth millennium, in a Zivug of the Vav in the Hey. And all the old souls that came out since the days of the creation of the world through the end of the sixth millennium will then receive complete renewal.
  • The fifth correction—the seventh millennium, when Malchut is completed in its entirety—will be one day for the Creator, for one Zivug for begetting new souls, which have never existed since the day of the creation of the world through the seventh millennium.

On the 66th, the Messiah King—who is the Messiah, Son of Joseph, who appears in his domain—will appear in the land of the Galilee, and his time is seven years through seventy-three years. He comes to correct with the light of remembering, the half of Malchut that is still missing in the light of counting, whose time is six and a half years, since it is light of VAK. And now that the light of remembering—which is GAR—has arrived, the Messiah, Son of Joseph, appeared first, to correct the whole of the left line—seven years. This indicates that the Malchut has been completely corrected, even from the Chazeh down, since in the previous redemptions, her left line was corrected only by the force of her ascension to Ima, which received the left line of Ima. But now, her own left line will be corrected in her place below, and she no longer needs the left line of Ima.

It was said, “And one star from the east will swallow seven stars from the north.” This is so because of the four winds—HB TMBina is on the north and Tifferet is on the east. Remembering is the light of the VavTifferet, the star on the east, which will correct the Malchut in the left line herself. Thus, by that it revokes the left side of Ima, the north side, which was in the structure of Malchut thus far. It is perceived as swallowing the seven stars of Bina within it, and the seven stars are the seven SefirotHGT NHYM, included in the left line.

It was said, “And a blaze of black fire will hang in the firmament for sixty days.” Dinim that come to the world by the illumination of the left are called, “a blaze of fire.” Thus far, the blaze was a red-color fire, from Bina and not from Malchut. This is because the four colors—white, red, green, and black—are HB TM, where red is Bina. But now that the Malchut has obtained lights and Kelim from her own self, and the left line extends to her in her own Kelim, which is the color black, the blaze of fire that comes by the illumination of the left is of the color black. This is why he says that a black fire will hang in the firmament. And the number sixty days is sixty mighty men, for it is called, “illumination of the left,” where even though it is the light of GAR, it is still only GAR in VAK, where each tip consists of ten, and they are sixty. Also, days are Sefirot.

By the force of the Dinim in the illumination of the left, wars will be extended to the world. And because the east will then swallow the north, the Dinim will stretch from the east to the north, as well. “And two kings will fall in these wars,” one from the nations of the world and one from Israel, which is the Messiah Son of Joseph. And after the fall of the Messiah Son of Joseph, the nations will greatly intensify and will want to repel Israel from the world, as it is written, “It is a time of trouble unto Jacob, but he will be saved from it.”

This means that those Dinim and troubles will not come as punishments, but so as to afterwards become Kelim for the complete salvation. This is the meaning of, “He will be saved from it.” By the Dinim and the troubles that they will suffer at that time, the power of the souls that were once in a body will be emptied, and not only the souls from that generation, but the souls from all the generations that were once in a body since the day of the creation of the world. All of them will weaken and their force will run out, meaning that they will need to (and must) be renewed.

480) In seventy-three years, seven years after the disclosure of the Messiah Son of Joseph, all the kings of the world will gather in the big city of Rome and the Creator will awaken upon them fire and hail and crystal stones, and they will perish from the world. And only those kings that did not come to Rome will remain in the world and will later return to wage other wars. At that time, the Messiah King will awaken throughout the world and several nations and several armies will gather to him from all corners of the world, and all the children of Israel will gather in their places.

Interpretation: Here is where the middle line is established, which is about the subjugation of the left so as to be included in the right line, as well as the right in the left. Then the degree is completed on all sides. Also, all those whose strength is from the left—the head of all the forces of the left—through the illumination of the middle line, all the Dinim [judgments] will be cancelled and the forces of the left will perish from the world, meaning those who extend from the Klipot of the right, who did not come to Rome, which is left. This is so because during the fourth correction, there will be a time for the forces of the right to fight Israel.

The Messiah Son of David extends from the middle line. Hence, his time to appear has come, along with his correction. And then begins the ingathering of the exiles and they will gather in their places to go to Jerusalem. But they will not go before the arrival of the fourth correction, the correction of the Malchut that will receive the illumination of the three lines within her. And then all of Israel will gather and come to Jerusalem.

481) Until the years were completed and came to 100 years in the sixth millennium. Then the Vav will bond with the Hey, bestowing the corrections of the three lines upon the HeyMalchut, meaning the fourth correction. “Then they shall bring all your brothers from all the nations as an offering to the Lord,” and then will be the ingathering of the exiles. And the children of Ishmael—the head of all the forces of the Klipot from the right (as is Rome with the forces of the left)—will awaken at that time along with all the peoples of the world who did not come to Rome, to come to Jerusalem for war, as it is written, “For I will gather all nations against Jerusalem to battle.” And it is also written, “The kings of the earth stand up,” and also, “He who sits in the heavens will laugh.”

482) After all the forces of the Sitra Achra on the right and on the left are gone, the small Vav will awaken, Yesod de ZA, to unite with the Hey and to renew the old souls, meaning all those who were in a body since the time of the creation of the world until then, so as to renew the world, Malchut, as it is written, “Let the Lord rejoice in His works.” It is also written, “May the glory of the Lord endure forever,” so the Hey will properly bond with the Vav, as it should be. “Let the Lord rejoice in His works,” to bring down His deeds, which are the renewed souls to the world, so they will all be new creations and all the worlds will unite as one.

483) Happy are all those who will remain in the world at the end of the sixth millennium, to enter the Sabbath, which is the seventh millennium. This is because then it is one day, for the Lord alone, to properly mate with the Hey and to assemble new souls to bestow upon the world, meaning souls that have never been to the world. They will be in the world along with the old souls that remained from the beginning and were renewed, as it is written, “And it shall come to pass that he that is left in Zion, and he that remains in Jerusalem shall be called ‘holy,’ even every one that is written unto life in Jerusalem.”

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