The Trees of the Lord Have Their Fill

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337) “The trees of the Lord have their fill, the cedars of Lebanon, which He has planted.” “Lebanon” is Bina that returned to Hochma. This is so because Lebanon is LamedBet Nun, the letters LamedBet [32] paths of Hochma [wisdom], and Nun [50] gates of Bina. “There the birds make their nests. As for the stork, the fir-trees are her house.” In Lebanon is upper Bina de AA that returned to Hochma, and they are two birds, two females of ZA, Leah and Rachel. Of those, several other birds part in BYA, but those two birds are above in Atzilut, and they come out from Lebanon, from above. It is written, “Laban had two daughters,” two birds, Leah and Rachel. Laban is Lebanon because Laban is male and Lebanon is male with female.

338) “As for the stork, the fir-trees are her house,” in those six upper sons, HGT NHY, that come out of the upper world, Bina, and are regarded as the house of BinaBina is called “a stork” because although this upper world is female, Bina, she is called “a male” because every good thing and every light spreads out of her, and the giver is considered a male.

339) Because Bina is a stork, the light of Hesed came out of her, which is the first light. It is written about it, “And God said, ‘Let there be light.’” This is why it is said, “The fir-trees are her house.” Do not call it Broshim [fir-trees] but BeRoshim [in the heads], since Bina is GAR and “her house,” her HGT NHY, are in the Roshim [heads], Rosh and GAR. This is so because the lower world, the Nukva, her house is in the lower ones, and not in the Roshim, which is VAK and not Rosh and GAR. She is the courthouse of the world. Sometimes it is called “the lower world,” Nukva, as the upper world, Bina, is called by all its names when the Nukva rises and dresses the Bina.

340) It is written about the Nukva, “And it repented the Lord … and it grieved Him,” since Dinim and sadness are in this place. However, in everything that is above, in Bina, it is all in light and life to all directions, and there is no sadness before the place, which indicates to the inner one, Bina, who is the only one in whom there is no sadness. But the external one, the Nukva, there is sadness in her. This is why it is written, “Serve the Lord with gladness; come before His presence with singing.” “Serve the Lord with gladness” corresponds to the upper world. “Come before His presence with singing” corresponds to the lower world.

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