The Vision of the Almighty—Only in a Vision

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338) As long as Abraham was not circumcised, the Creator was speaking with him only through visions, which is the Nukva in her place. It is said about her, “And God that has indignation every day.” It is written, “The word of the Lord came to Abram in a vision,” meaning in that vision, the Nukva, which is the degree in which all the forms are seen, all three lines—right, left, and middle. This vision is the covenant, the Nukva, in which the covenant shines.

339) The Nukva is called “a vision” because it shows that all the shapes are seen in her. Previously, it was said that as long as Abraham was not circumcised, He did not speak with him, but only the degree of the vision, on which the other degrees are not present. And now he says that “in a vision” is a sight that comprises all the upper degrees. But before he was circumcised, it was said, “The word of the Lord came to Abram in a vision”?

340) However, this degree is certainly the sight of all the upper degrees and it was established in the sight of the upper degrees. Also, at the time when Abraham was not circumcised, this degree was in a vision of the upper degrees and she stood in all those colors in the upper degrees. And the sight of those colors stands below her, under the Nukva. On the right is the white color—Hesed. On the left is the red color—Gevura. The color that comprises all the colors is green—Tifferet. The Nukva is called “In a vision,” the vision of all the upper colors, white, red, and green, which stand atop her.

This is why Abraham stood in that vision and spoke with Him although he was uncircumcised. When he was circumcised, it is written, “And the Lord appeared unto him,” since the name HaVaYaH connected to her, meaning the actual upper degrees were included in her. However, before he was circumcised, only the colors were included in her.

341) “The vision of the Almighty” is written about Balaam. In Abraham, it writes only “In a vision.” However, “The vision of the Almighty” is those colors below the Nukva; they are her vision. Only “A vision” is the Hey of the name HaVaYaH, the Nukva, that all the upper forms, which are the three lines, appear in her. This is the reason why concerning Abraham, it writes only “In a vision,” and in Balaam, “The vision of the Almighty,” which in itself consists of the three colors, white, red, and green. This is why it writes that the sight of those colors stands below her, under the Nukva. By that, he divides between the prophecy of Abraham, who was from the three colors in the actual Nukva, who is called only “In a vision,” and the prophecy of Balaam, who was from the vision of the three colors under the Nukva, which is called “The vision of the Almighty.”

342) Therefore, before Abraham was circumcised, he had the same degree of only “In a vision.” When he was circumcised, promptly, “And the Lord appeared unto him,” meaning that all the degrees of HaVaYaH are seen on that degree, the Nukva, meaning the actual degrees. This degree spoke with him in wholeness because the Nukva is the speaking, and Abraham connected from degree to degree and entered the sign of the holy covenant as it should be, in wholeness.

343) When Abraham was circumcised, he came out of the shell of the foreskin, entered the holy covenant, was crowned in the holy crown, and entered the covenant upon which the world stands. At that time, the world existed for him because it is written, “If My covenant is not day and night, I have not appointed the ordinances of heaven and earth.” Thus, thanks to the circumcision, the world exists.

It is also written, “These are the generations of the heaven and the earth when they were created,” which is the letters of “In Hey, He created them,” and also, “In Abraham.” This indicates that the world was created for Abraham. It is all one, the same point as the keeping of the circumcision. And this is why the world was created with Abraham, since he assumed the circumcision, of which it is written, “If My covenant is not day.”

344) When the Creator showed Adam ha Rishon all those generations in the world, he saw each and everyone of them, each and every generation, all standing in the Garden of Eden in the same shape in which they were destined to stand in the world. When he saw David, who had no years of life at all, he was perplexed, and gave him seventy years of his own. This is why he only had 930 years, and those seventy years short of a thousand were given to David.

345) This is the reason why David had only the seventy years that Adam ha Rishon gave him, since everything below is done from above, in the upper world.

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