The World Is Judged Four Times a Year

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353) The world is judged four times a year: on Passover, for the grain; on the eighth of Sukkot, for the fruits of the tree; on Rosh Hashanah [beginning of the year], for all the people of the world who pass before him as the children of Meron, and on the holiday, they are sentenced for the water.

“On Passover, for the grain,” opposite the high Merkava, the patriarchs, HGT, and King David, Malchut. The four times correspond to the patriarchs and King David. He interprets that a Matza comes on Passover because a Matza is the Din of Malchut. It is when Israel began to enter the holy part of the Creator and to root out the leaven—idolatry—the appointees over the idol worshipping nations, called “other gods,” “foreign gods,” and which are called “leaven,” “the evil inclination,” and to enter the Matza, the Malchut, the holy part of the Creator. This is why on Passover, the judgment is on the grain, since the world is judged on the Din [judgment] of the Hey, the Malchut, and Tevu’ah [grain] comes from the words Tavo Hey [Let the Hey come].

354) “On the eighth of Sukkot, for the fruits of the tree.” Should it not have said, “The fruits of the trees”? However, this is a strong and mighty tree above, ZA. The fruits of the tree are the souls of the righteous, the fruits of ZA. They are judged on the eighth day, Tifferet.

355) On Rosh Hashanah, they pass before him as the children of Meron. Rosh Hashanah is the Rosh [head/beginning] of the Shanah [year] of the king. Rosh Hashanah is Isaac, who is called Rosh, one Rosh of the King, ZA, his Rosh of Gevura, a place called “year.” This is the reason why all the people of the world will pass before him like the children of Meron, since on Rosh Hashanah, Isaac is present—the Rosh of the left, in which there are Dinim [judgments]. This is why it is said on Rosh Hashanah, “His left under my head.”

356) “On the holiday, they are sentenced for the water.” This is the beginning of the illumination of the right of the king, Hassadim, water, since on the holiday, it is said, “And his right shall embrace me.” Hence, the joy of the water is in everything, when water is poured and pumped, since water is Hassadim.

Everything is found in these four times. On Passover, the Din is in Malchut, which is called “grain.” On the eighth of Sukkot, the Din is in Tifferet, which is called “a tree.” On Rosh Hashanah, it is in Gevura, and on the holiday, it is in Hesed.

357) Everything is found in those four times: Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, who are HGT, and King David, who is Malchut. The world is judged in those HG TM, and people are sentenced in four times, which are the days when HG TM are in the world. Each day, the books are open and peoples deeds are written, and there is none who watches over and none to lend one’s ears. And each day, the Torah testifies, as it is written, “Whoever is a fool, let him come here. ‘Heartless,’ she said to him.” And there is no one to listen to her voice.

358) When a person rises in the morning, witnesses stand opposite him and testify about him. And he does not notice. And the soul testifies about him every time and each hour. If he hears, good. And if he does not hear, the books are open and the deeds are written. Happy are the righteous who do not fear the Din of this world or the Din of the next world. It is written about it, “But the righteous are secure as a young lion,” and “The righteous shall inherit the earth.”

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