Two Corrections of the Females

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648) Solomon said two corrections of the Nukvas [plural of Nukva] in Song of Songs, one for the upper shepherd, YovelBina, and one for the bride, the year of Shmita [remission], the Nukva. One correction above, in Bina, and one correction below, in Nukva. The act of creation, too, is in these two places, for in each there was one Assiya above, in Bina, and one Assiya below, in Nukva.

This is the reason why the Torah begins with the letter Bet, which implies to these two females. Assiya below is completely similar to Assiya above. Aba made the upper world, Bina, and ZA made the lower world, the Nukva. The two corrections of the females that Solomon said are above and below—in the upper correction of the holy Name, Bina, and below in the correction of the lower one, Nukva, like the correction of the upper one, in Bina. This means that he extended all the corrections that he made in the upper Nukva into the lower Nukva, by which she was complemented and became the lower NukvaMalchut, like the upper NukvaBina.

649) Happy is the holy Jacob, who was rewarded with it. Since the day the world was created, no bed was as whole as Jacob’s bed. Nukva is a bed whose wholeness is to receive all the corrections in the upper Nukva. This is completed in the twelve tribes of Jacob, since in the twelfth correction, the lower Nukva was made as whole as the upper Nukva.

When he wanted to depart from the world, he was whole on all his sides. Abraham, Hesed, is on his right. Isaac, Gevura, is on his left. He, Tifferet, is in the middle. Divinity was before him, the completion of the four legs of the upper throne, for each of these HG TM consists of three, and they are twelve, with Bina atop them.

When Jacob saw it, he called his sons and said, “Be gathered,” so there will be correction above and below, for his twelve sons were the correction of the bottom Nukva, like Jacob’s twelve for the upper Nukva. Thus, now the two thrones have been completed—the upper and the lower.

650) There are two corrections there, upper and lower, so that everything will be complete, so the Nukva will be as whole as Bina. The correction of the upper one is hidden and revealed because it is a correction of Yovel, Bina, which Solomon said in Song of Songs. The Rosh, GAR de ZA, is hidden and was not revealed, nor should it be revealed, since Rosh de ZA was erected in HBD. The arms and the body, HGT, are the ones who were disclosed. The thighs, NH, are concealed and are not revealed because the prophecy, the abundance of NH, is present only in the land of Israel, the Nukva. This means that their abundance appears in the Nukva, illumination of Hochma, which belongs to her and not to ZA, and this correction is hidden and revealed.

The upper correction of Bina is through the correction of the four legs of the throne, HG TM de ZA from the Chazeh and above, where each was divided into the three lines, and they are twelve. Why are only the four Sefirot HG TM from Chazeh de ZA and above counted? It is because GARHBD de ZA, are concealed, and NH from the Chazeh and below are concealed, as well, since all their illumination is Hochma, and she is not in ZA because only Hassadim illuminate in ZA. For this reason, we calculate only HGT in ZA, along with the Malchut that is connected in them. This correction is hidden, meaning that there is no Hochma in it. However, it is still revealed, since the Hassadim extend from the pure air in upper AVI, who are more important than Hochma.

651) A correction after the lower one is the correction of the bride, Nukva, which Solomon said in the Song of Songs. It appeared more because here illumination of Hochma is shining, meaning the correction in the twelve tribes below her and the correction of her Guf, the four Sefirot HG NH, in each of which are three ties, hence they are twelve. And the Nukva, the Tifferet in them, is atop them.

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