Who Found the Hot Springs in the Wilderness

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261) “…who found the hot springs in the wilderness.” It spells the “springs” without the Yod, indicating diminution. And it says that these are strange creatures, remote offspring of Cain after he was deported from the face of the earth, as it is written, “Thou hast driven me out… from the face of the land, and from Thy face shall I hide.”

It is also written, “and dwelt in the land of Nod.” This is so because Cain is illumination of the left, though there were two discernments in him. Before he was driven from the face of the land he was considered male light, in which harsh Dinim appear. And after he was driven out, there was only the female light in him, of illumination of the left, where only weak Dinim appear. And it says that the springs he had found in the wilderness are from the offspring of Cain after he was driven out of the face of the land. This is why they are called “springs” and not “dreadful” [see footnote no. 10], for there are no harsh Dinim in them.

262) The offspring of Cain are on the side of the spirits, storms, and damagers. This is because when the day of Sabbath had to be sanctified in twilight, flying, bodiless spirits were created from that side, which are neither from the Sabbath nor from the sixth day, since they are in the twilight. And those two days remained in doubt in them, which is why they do not receive sustenance from this day or from that day.

263) Cain’s sons expanded further and clothed in that side. But they did not clothe in them to exist in real existence. This is why they are called “springs” without the Yod, since they do not have sustenance from the sixth day or from the Sabbath day, as they were created during twilight.(11)

They are seen by people even though they are spirits, since once a day they clothe in a body. He replied, “he found those spirits,” called “springs,” and they taught him to beget bastards, to bring together a horse and an ass to create a mule. And they walk among the mountains and clothe a body once a day, and then unclothe it and remain without a body.

These spirits extend from the illumination of the left line. But there is a big difference between the illumination of the left in the discernment of the sixth day, and the illumination of the left in the discernment of the Sabbath. This is so because the sixth day is the middle line, and it comprises the Masach de Hirik, female Dinim. But the Sabbath day has no Masach at all. And since those spirits were created during twilight, which is part Friday part Sabbath, they are flawed and can receive from neither the sixth day nor from the Sabbath, for the doubt blemishes them and they cannot receive. Hence, they receive illumination from the left line, which shines during the Zivug of ZON on every day. The three lines that shine in the Zivug of ZON are called “three times,” since they extend from the three points, HolamShuruk, and Hirik.

264) He replied, “He was a bastard, for Zibeon came unto his mother and begot a bastard.” And he came in this way because of the spirit of impurity that clung to him. This is also why he had found those spirits and why they taught him all kinds of discernments from the side of impurity.

265) Several others that extend from that, all come from that same left side. They walk in the wilderness and are seen there because the wilderness is a desolate place, their dwelling place, since ruin always extends from the left. Yet, anyone who walks by the ways of the Creator and fears the Creator, does not fear them. They went and entered the mountain, meaning extended illumination of the left in the Nukva, and they were not afraid.

266) Similarly, all those desolate mountains are their dwelling places. And it is written about all those who engage in Torah, “The Lord shall keep thee from all evil.”


(11) In the Jewish calendar, the day begins in the evening of the previous day. Thus, The Sabbath begins Friday evening.

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