Against All the Gods of Egypt, I Will Execute Judgments

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317) What was the Egyptians’ thought, and the thought of the minister appointed over them, who put it in their hearts? To prevent Israel from multiplying. This is because “And he said unto his people” relates to their minister, and he told them. And they knew that a son was to come out of Israel, by whom their gods would be sentenced.

318) When Moses said, “Against all the gods of Egypt, I will execute judgments,” Dumah, the minister of Egypt, went four hundred parsas [1 parsa is about 4 miles] because of the great fear. The Creator told him that a sentence has been given before Me and it cannot be undone, as it is written, “The Lord will punish the host of the high heaven on high.” At that time, the authority had been taken away from him and Dumah was appointed as the minister of hell, to sentence the evil souls there.

319) “Upon their gods also the Lord executed judgments.” But are there judgments upon a god of silver or gold or of wood or of stone? Indeed, the ones of silver and gold melted by themselves, and the ones of wood rotted.

320) The God of Egypt was a lamb. The Creator commanded that judgments would be executed upon it, that it would be burned in fire, as it is written, “The graven images of their gods shall you burn with fire,” so their smell will spread. Moreover, “Its head with its legs and with its inwards,” in a degrading manner. Moreover, its bones are thrown in the market, which was the hardest for the Egyptians. This is the meaning of the words, judgments.

321) He executed judgments in their actual gods. And this is their minister, to keep, “The Lord will punish the host of the high heaven on high, and the kings of the earth upon the earth.” And the wise ones among them knew all that, all the more so their minister. This is why it is written, “Let us deal wisely.”

322) Idol worship abounded in Egypt. And the Nile river was their god; actually, he was their gods. And in all of them, the Creator executed judgments. Their gods were struck first, and then the nation. And also, the Nile was struck first, and the trees and the stones that they worshipped, as it is written, “And the blood was through all the land of Egypt,” in the trees and in the rocks that really were their gods. It is written about the host of the high heaven on high that the Nile was not above, but on the earth. For the most part, the waters of the Nile are similar to the river as it is above. Their minister is struck first, and then the rest of their gods.

323) The actual striking of the nation of Egypt was only at sea, as it is written, “Not even one of them remained.” But before that, judgments were executed on their gods. This is why it is written, “Come, let us deal wisely with them, or else they will multiply and in the event of war,” meaning they were predicting the future, as it happened to them. “They also join themselves unto our enemies,” meaning they were predicting the camps of high angels that would be in the midst of them. “And fight against us” means that they were predicting what is written, “The Lord will fight for you.” “And get them up out of the land,” as he says, “And the children of Israel went out with a high hand.”

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