And His Sister Stood from Afar

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199) “And his sister stood from afar.” This is the sister of the one who called the assembly of Israel, “My sister,” meaning ZA, as it is written, “Open for me, my sister, my wife.” In other words, Divinity stood over Moses to guard him. The reason why it says “From afar” is as it is written, “From afar the Lord appeared unto me,” meaning that the guarding is not overt, but covert, from a distance.

200) This means that before the righteous come down to the world, they are known above. This is so with all the righteous, much less with Moses. This is why it said “Saw” about him, with HeyVav, which is the Reshimo of the king and queen. It also means that the souls of the righteous extended from a high place, as it is written, “And there went a man of the house of Levi,” which is Yesod de HB, the high place. This means that there is a father and a mother to the soul, which are ZA and Nukva, since the man is ZA and the daughter of Levi is the Nukva, as there is a father and a mother to a body on the earth. It follows that all the discernments, whether above or below, are present and come from a male and a female.

“Let the earth bring forth the living creature.” The land is the assembly of Israel; the Nukva is the living creature, the soul of Adam ha Rishon. This is so because ZA and Nukva are the father and mother of Adam ha Rishon. Happy is the lot of Moses, the loyal prophet, more than all the prophets in the world.

201) “And his sister stood” is HochmaNukva, called “bottom Hochma,” as it is written, “Say unto wisdom [Hochma], ‘You are my sister.’” The sentence of the Din has never been lifted from the world, since whenever Israel sinned, the Din would slander them. At that time, “And his sister stood from afar,” meaning Divinity moves away from them, as it is written, “From afar the Lord appeared unto me.”

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