And the Children of Israel Sighed

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350) “And the children of Israel sighed.” It does not say that they were sighing because of their own affliction. Rather, “Sighed” means that they sighed for others’ affliction. The sigh was for them above; the angels were sighing for Israel.

351) “And the children of Israel sighed,” meaning the children of Israel above, the angels. “By reason of the bondage” means that the children of Israel are called “the ones who work,” those who are from the work above, the serving angels. “Their outcry came up unto God” means that thus far their cry did not rise before Him.

352) What is the Din that the Creator executes in the servants above, in the serving angels and the ministers of the seventy nations? He takes them through the river of fire, removes them from their government, and appoints other ministers from the rest of the nations, as it is written, “Flaming fire are Your ministers.” Hence, what does He deny them if they are taken through the river of fire? There is a fire that is harder than fire, and there is fire that repels fire. Hence, even though they are fire, the fire of the river of fire is harder than them, and there the Din is executed upon the angels of fire.

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